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dixieboyAugust 17, 2013

Gene's may come into play when choosing what palms to plant, i planted these two SP's from small containers & know exactly from what two trees the seeds came from, our sp in pic # 1 was from seed of what i'm go'in to call a very ordinary sp south of Georgetown,SC but sp #2 was from a very robust tree in Wilmington, NC & plus the tree in pic one is apox. 7 yrs. older. This is one example where parentage rules!

Almost from day one this one showed a more robust-ness about it. On the other hand, in the animal world there are runts in the litters!!!

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

What's SP? Sago Palm? If so, in the second pic that's not a cycad (Sago Palm), but a palm. Cycads are not palms. :)

If SP means something else, just disregard my message.

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Sabal palmetto

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

OK, sorry.I noticed the sago in the first picture close-up and I thought you were talking about that. :)

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