elenigarden(6)July 29, 2013

This is the second year in a row that we've had a woodchuck problem. Never an issue for the past 20 years prior! Wondering if getting a couple of outdoor, (barn or feral) cats would help? I know they deter smaller rodents but not sure they would do any good with the woodchucks. Any advice appreciated. We trapped one last year and released it, ,and then never saw another until just this month. It's eating just about everything! They run under a very low deck that we have, when we go outside...

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

my chucks are bigger than cats ... dont think that will work ...

hire professional removal ..


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they may be burrowing under a low deck, that we can't really get at unfortunately. I've seen just one that runs "for cover" under the deck when we go out or make noise.

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Talk with the people at your local office of your University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service about this since if you live trap these buggers and transport them you may well be in violation of your states laws. The UCONN CES people will have good information that really works

Here is a link that might be useful: UCONN CES

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Connecticut does not prohibit trap and release of woodchuck, and a permit is not required. I'm not saying that's necessarily the best outcome for the animal as relocating isn't necessarily as humane as one would think, but the OP would be legal in doing that. Fencing seems to be the most widely suggested solution.

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thanks for the advice!

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cats will not help as the groundhogs are as big or bigger then the cats and free roaming cats go after rabbits and birds, the once wild rabbit is now on the endangered list because of this, and repellents don't normally work but you can try ones made from fox or wolf urine. trapping works as long as you have a place far away from your house to let it go and where you are not dumping your little issue onto someone else. changes have to be made to your landscaping and yard to keep more from moving in when you remove the one you have now. garden and food sources should be fenced off both above ground and below as the chuck will climb over or dig under the fence, remove hiding places if possible, fake owls or other visual deterants only work if you make them seem real leaving the fake owl in one spot will stop working fast as the chuck will learn it is fake so move it around but keep it in sight of the home. I have one in my fenced in yard and I tried all kinds of things but soon found nothing worked so I just live with her, yes it is a her she has had two babies for the last 3 years. she does help me out by cleaning up the apples that fall from my tree, she cleans up some weeds, keeps the local skunk out of my yard, and she lives under my shed so no hole issue. but good luck

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Connecticut has required a license for moving wildlife since 1985.

Here is a link that might be useful: Connecticut wildlife relocating

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I'm not too interested in trying to trap anything right now, and if so, will call a pro... my luck, we'd get the errant squirrel or skunk! More looking into deterrents, and unfortunately it seems as though not much works. We haven't seen "chuck' in about a week or so and the plants have been safe. This year, i didn't plan any vegetables, so maybe the flowers aren't appetizing enough for it to stay! Still interested in barn cats, if I learn more, to help control chipmunks and mice though...

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yardenman(z7 MD)

My 3 cats don't disturb woodchucks/groundhogs at all; I doubt any sensible cat will. Goundhogs are large, powerful, fanatic in defense, and have large sharp teeth and powerful front paws.

But I have dispatched 4 groundhogs so far this year. Why they are here, I do not know. I'm end the end of a large suburban neighborhood ending in a swamp, and I can't imagine groundhogs liking either, But my yard is organic and there is clover in the lawn so maybe that attracts them from a long didtance. But they eat my melons and tomatoes.

A hint: Hav-A-Hart cage/traps baited with fruit, and a drop into a pond or plastic-lined wooden box filled with water an inch above the cage height.

One convenient thing about woodchucks is that they construct their own burial holes and loose dirt around them (burrow holes) to put the carcasses into and cover them afterwards. Not the slightest sniff of decay.

BTW, it took me the effort of digging 3 deep holes in the far back yard to bury the carcasses and THEN filling in the burrows with the shovel before I realized they had already done the digging for me. :headslap:

"The obvious is often the hardest thing to see".

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