Heatless Jalapeno Seed?

urban_potterApril 2, 2014

Has anyone tried growing any variety of the "heatless" jalapenos? I've seen a few different types. Are they truly heatless? I love the taste of peppers, but spicy foods can sometimes trigger my asthma. Is there really a way for me to have my peppers and eat them too?

If anyone has any seed that they'd like to sell, I'd love to try one of these plants.


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Ther are several varieties of heatless jalapenos and yes they virtually without heat. Fooled You, False Alarm, Felicity

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centexan254 zone 8 Temple, Tx

I have used some of the Tam mild peppers. They are awesome when cored, filled with cream cheese, and wrapped in bacon. Then into the oven till the bacon is cooked to slightly crisp.

They may also be called T A&M, or TAMU mild. They were developed by Texas A&M University. There are others I am sure. Though the Tam are the ones I know of. Bonnie Plants sells the seedling for not too much if you can find a retailer. $3.68 +tax for one in a 4 inch Jiffy pot. The ones I saw at the stores here looked healthy, and were about 6 inches tall.

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TAM Mild is a low heat variety, but it has some heat. Mild is the keyword.

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and like any jalapeno, Tam can pack some punch. I took one and ate it and it really had no heat, really great flavor. I picked a second one on the plant and took it to my husband to get his review, suffice it to say he doesn't trust me anymore, he thinks I lied about it being mild. Fooled you, false alarm, or felicity would be a better option.

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Thanks, all! I'll stick with one of the known heatless varieties instead of taking my chances with one of those crafty mild types. ;)

Thanks for the tip on Bonnie -- I'll start calling some local nurseries!

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Bonnie Plants is in all the big box stores - HD, Lowes, etc. As a result nurseries may not carry them.

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