Robellini Palm - Can annual flowering be stopped?

BluetoothGolfAugust 9, 2014

I have 3 (15+ year) Robellini Palms next to a backyard pool. Every year they grow pods and sprout seeds that fall in the pool and clog the filter system. Is there any way to stop the annual flowering of seeds.....short of cutting the pods off as they grow and before they flower? Thank you.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

having a similar problem with Queens have noted that if I cut off the stalks they seem to produce more ,larger and more robust while those i let mature have smaller and less numbers ?? Will be watching your ansers as it sure would be nice to stop the mess?? gary

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short of either hacking off the flowers as they appear, or killing the palm, I know of no way of stopping this... palms just trying to reproduce.... their most vital goal in life! Maybe you can dig up your palm and move it.

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gregbradley(Upland, CA USDA 9b Sunset 19)

Near a pool?

You need to remove them or move them. They have matured to the point where they will drive you nuts. Starting with the typical #15, you get 7-8 years on a Robellini and 10-12 with a Queen.

Plant a cycad? Sago takes 50+ years to get to that point and are very sellable at that size.

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