Pasilla Bajio, hot pepper?

KudosFromUdoApril 27, 2012

I planted a pasilla bajio plant last year. It didn't produce very many decent peppers and I gave all that I had away as my Poblanos were producing huge. Anyways it survived the winter and has been my most vigorous pepper plant so far with some peppers as big as 8"(maybe bigger).

So I thought I would try a small, green 4" one that was curled and had a scar on it. It was almost as hot as an average Jalapeno, and way hotter and had thicker walls than my Poblanos. I thought Pasillas were supposed to be milder than Poblanos around 100-250 scolville(sp)? Not that I am complaining, I like hot peppers but this was a surprise.

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in my opinion there is no hot pepper milder than a poblano, they are all sweet peppers, that being said, there are many factors that can effect the heat of any given pepper, moisture, temperature, nutrients, etc. just llok at the preliminary testing of the trinidad moruga scorpion, it ranges from 500k-2m scovilles thats more of a swing than the entire scoville rating of any other chile ever tested has even scored. think that is like biting into a tobasco and having it be a red hab instead!

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Poblanos vary all over the lot for picante.

Mercado poblanos can be quite picante.

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