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lsl33April 21, 2011


Wondering if crop rotation in necessary. Every winter I pile up about 4 feet of horse manure, leaves, perinnial cuttings, coffee grinds, then dump some finished home made compost. I don't turn or till, because it is too heavy and the space is too small. Right now the mound is about 2 feet high. Would it be OK to plant chilis in the same spot as last year? I have a small yard, and plant as many vegetables on trellises as possible. I urually only plant tomatoes, chilis, zucchini, and eggplant.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

With that kind of nutrient load, I think you're fine planting in the same space.


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Since you seem to be keeping the soil fresh with new composted I'd only be worried about a pepper specific bug or whatever being in the soil.
If you never had problems before it's probably ok to keep using the same spot.

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What about additional organic fertalizers. I usually only add when planting and one more time during flowering. I have never really gotten a bumper crop like others here. I could be, not watering enough. No chili pests. Only racoons and oppossums digging and uprooting entire plants. Tomatoes, get hornworms and yellowing leaves starting at the bottom.

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