Plumeria...Please help

marcy55May 5, 2010

purchased this grafted plumeria last season. It leafed out beautifully. No flowers but I expected that. I live in Mi and have had it outdoors for over 1 month because of the warm weather. I did bring it indoors when it get cool. I have been feeding it every 2 weeks and still no leafing. Do I need to give it more time? It looks healthy Thanx for any feedback


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As long as it appears healthy and the stems are firm you probably just need to give it time. Make sure that it's not overwatered. Even though it's a rooted plant it doesn't need much water without any foliage.

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If its healthy its fine and will flower in its own time. Some bloom boosting fertilizer would help blooms where as something that gives lots of growth or is high in nitrogen will give it more leaves and less blooms.
Good luck!

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Old Indian trick with a modern twist. Take your cutting and get your potato peeler and peel the skin 2-3" up. Plant your clipping in Miracle Gro Soil with a fish. WORKS EVERYTIME!!!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

hawaiianninja- That is not the correct information for use on a rooted, grafted plant which was in the first sentence of Marcy's post. And if you google "problems with miracle gro" you will find a quarter of a million reasons why these products are very bad for long term growing especially plumerias which need healthy soil (for decades) and soils that do not retain moisture (like MG soil). Finally, it is better to say "I have had excellent success in zone_____ doing the following...." rather than works everytime, because from my experience, having tried this and many other tricks, nothing actually works everytime,( unless you live in the tropics or have a greenhouse which increases your odds). If it were that easy, this forum would not exist.

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Just need to born with the green thumb Big DOG !! LOL

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Tdogdad, I didnt know about plumerias not liking miracle gro soil because I use that for my plumerias. They grow pretty well, but do you think it might become a problem in the future?

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

From my experience, this product is like crack for plants. They grow well the first year or two but later they suffer because the chemicals basically destroy the soil health. they also show a withdrawal effect. If you google and read some of the comments you will find a number of scientific explainations of what happens and plenty of plant owners who had the same experiences that I did.

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Thanks. Its good to know. So what type of soil do you use for your plumerias? I cant use regular garden soil because its really clay like and water does not drain at all. I also dont think it is very rich in nutrients.
So far my plumerias are growing well, but slower than the first year so we shall see!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I mix equal parts of Big R (redwood product), Turf n Tee (soil), pumice and #4 perlite. this was a mix I got from Jack Morgan at Kimi's Plumerias and I have really liked it and my plants like it too. I usually mix up about 60 gallons at a time and store in two large trash cans. This will do several hundred water bottles, about 70 one gallons, about 25 ones to five gallon transplants, and about 7 fives to fifteen gallon transplants. In the ground I raise the bed into a volcano shape and plant above ground using rock to keep the volcano from eroding. this keeps the root mass drier and roots that go into the clay seem to do fine. Bill

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