Will this work for hot green chile?

jaggudada(5A)April 21, 2012

I like hot green chilies. Those tiny ones. So what I did was, I had some red dried hot chilies, I took the seeds out, they looked dry, I planted them in milk jugs and put it my basement, the reason I am doing this is because chilies need atleast 65F to germinate and outside is still not warm and somedays it is going in 35s and night temperatures are still in low 30s.

I'm hoping that this method will keep it warm and moist. What do you guys think? will this work? or should I put the milk jugs outside so when sun ray hits, it will be hotter than what it would be inside the basement?

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It's hard to say. It depends on how the peppers were dried. If they were dried at too high a temperature, you may not get any to germinate. But, if not, you should get some seeds to sprout.

The warmer the better for germination (up to about mid 80's). I agree, right now, it's too cool outside for germination.

Good luck!

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You don't need any light for the seeds to germinate but if you get them to germinate and sprout, then you will need to give them light if you want them to grow from that point on. Either artificial light or sunlight from a south facing window or outside in the real sun.

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Agree with tsheets and esox07, get them upstairs in warmer temps and give them light once they sprout.

As tsheets said, if they were dried in seed survival range, you should be ok.

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