Chocolate Naga Am I crazy?

Camelotshadow(9bCA)April 23, 2011

Got a Chocolate Naga plant today.

Interested in any comments about it.

I'm new to Bhuts Naga. Scorps, devil Tongues, Trinidads

which are all new var.

What is a Chocolate Naga?

My fav is the Carribean Red Hab & don't need any more heat but I am curious.

I also grew a unkown last year that was hotter than a hab & looked different. Still don't know what the heck it is but its burn lasts 20 minute of pain. It is currently 2 feet yr 2 & covered with blossoms.

I'm also interested in a Manzano as I like the purple flowers.

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Here is Chocolate Bhut Jolokia ( another name for it)I grew a couple of years ago--extremely hot.

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Gosh that is ugly...LOL

I never know with this nursery if anyone switches the tags or its crossed.
Guess time will only tell if its that ugly hot beast
Looks like dried leather.

I did get a RED MANZANO today as it will be a cooler pepper & love the purple flowers.

My every day peppers are the Carribean red.Love em & been growing them many years & they are nicely hot just right for me.

that unk I got last year is way hotter than the CR.
I'm wondering if a CR crossed with a bhut or devils tongue as there are just a handful of peppers that will blow the Carribean reds away.

Center Green chocolate hab, 1 oclock red black hungarian &

6 to 9 oclock unknown red pepper

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Thats got to be some really big pods or the smallest cutting board I've seen in a while. LOL

There are also other brown Bhut/Naga crosses out there too.
Habalokia among others.

If you want seeds for Yellow,Orange or red Manzanos send an E Mail,we can probably work something out.

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Yes, you are crazy! As are the rest of us, if only there was a place on the web for us all to congregate and talk about our addictions... OH WAIT!

Can't wait to see your results!

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Think its a small sushi block 5 inches square which I just use for chillies so as to keep the fire quarantined


Thanks I have a red manzano plant to take the place of the purple hungarian as its just no that thrilling


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Is a Chocolate Naga the same thing as a Jamaican Hot Chocolate?

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No, Jamaican hot Chocolate is a habanero type

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