Just say'in #2

dixieboyAugust 17, 2013

Use to see on older sago's in the past, suckers not only sprouting from the base of the trunk but also about half way up out of the trunk itself, proud to say we've joined the big boys, ours are too!!! lol

From the post about SP not producing multitudes of seeds from time to time, our serenoa is the same way, seeds galore one year but the year after or so.......next pic

Just a few & thats it!!

On the other hand, our windmills are prolific producers.

It's been cool enough to sit out on the pier the last couple of days between rain showers.

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As always, what a nice way to relax, sitting on your own pier enjoying that fantastic view. Thanks for showing the chair, haven't seen him in awhile. No food though? I even dedicated a post on the big board for you with some food!

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How bout some blackeyed peas w/ham jiblets & rice & fresh green onions & of course southern tea to wash the baked corn bread down!!! lol Brad I havn't been hang'in round the other board lately but went on & checked out your last post, man, you have got a nice thing go'in there & that landscap'in job is absolute eye candy, great job my friend!! Thanks

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Lookin great man. Been trying to move down your way, but it doesn't look likely. I drink a lot of tea daily myself, but I prefer it unsweet, I'm fat enough already! You better kiss your wife cuz I know you didn't cook that. Love that Southern food. I miss NC every time I leave!

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OK the post on the hardy board just popped up on my puter, hot stuff!! lol

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