Where do mites and scale come from

andyandy(6bMI)August 8, 2006

Where do Scale and Mites come from. Two winters ago before I really new what I was doing it was mite city on my Pigmy D.P. and Christmas palm. Last year I misted and ran a fan and had no problem with mites but come early spring my Majesty palm came down with scale and died. I've worked to hard on my palms to lose another especailly my coconut. I plan on using some systemic granuels in a few weeks a a means of prevention (I can't once they're inside because of my cat's). Where do these pests lie dormant? The soil, on the surface of the plant, Could the scate that killed my majesty palm be lying dormant in the rugs of my living room. Is there anything I can do in my house to minimize the problem before I bring the palms in for the winter. I'd apprecite any advice.



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bihai(zone 9)

The eggs for plant pests can stay in cracks and crevices, leaf axils, soil, etc until its opportune for them to hatch and eat the plant, or they can get blown in from your neighbors yard, or they can be imported on other plants you buy and hop to your most prized ones and infect them too. Scale has both a crawler and an immobile stage. While the adult is attached to the plant under its shell, all it does is lay eggs. The only way to kill large numbers of scale on a plant is systemic insecticide, OR sequential carefully complete spraying with an oil spray like Neem Oil, or an oil and soap spray. You can usually control it, not necessarily kill all of them. Its not a one time only deal. Its long term. Mites are only KILLED by miticides that are generally not available to the home gardener. Again, you can CONTROL them but usually not eradicate them

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Thank you so much for the information. I think I should be ok by trying to control them before the palms go back in the house.

thank you agian,

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bihai(zone 9)

Just keep in mind when using any oil sprays that its better to wait til a cool part of the day, so as not to (literally) fry your plants

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Yes I know, At this point there's no need for an oil spray. I'm going to use some granuels in a couple weeks (about a month before my most tropical palms have to go in for the winter (about 8 months actually, except for the odd days when I can put them out for the day or even just a few hours. I believe that is a big part of why I had no mite problem. I'm sure my neighbors thought me quite the lunatic when they saw me in February dragging my palms out in the evening because we had a freek warm front and it was a rain whipped windy evening but 59 out. I drag them out any chance I get November, January, or March it doesn't matter as long as it's about 60 or above.

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Andy, what type of granule would you use and would that take care of all types of bugs that may have made their way into the pots before bringing them back in for our lovely winters?

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I honestly can't remember, I have it at home. I bought it over the winter and had no reason (I thought) to use it. I will pull it out tonight and let you know.

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bihai(zone 9)

I keep a little spray bottle (24 oz) of dish soap and a little alcohol in water (1 TBSP/Gal ratio on the soap, a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol per 24 oz) to hit pests with in the house. Dries them right up! I have started using it in the greenhouse too. Its especially effective on mealybugs.

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