Pepper seedling problems

cbgarden123April 14, 2011

My pepper seedlings have their first true leafs. Some of the cotylendon leafs are falling off and some of the true leafs are pale. For into they are directly under shop lights almost touching the plants, in 3 inch peat pots. I think it might be a watering issue(too much). I wait till the pots feel light and the soil is dry down to my first knuckle but that seems to be every second day.. When or how often should I water these. I also feed them some fish/seaweed fert.

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Sounds like too much water. Peat is tough....when dry it's DRY, and when wet it is easy to be REALLY wet.

Some of your problems may work themselves out as the plants grow and take up more water. Try waiting an extra day. If you keep a close eye, wait until they start to look droopy / thirsty, then water a day sooner. :-)

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Thank you and just to clarify the soil they are in is pro mix does that make a difference?

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I thought you were talking about the little peat pellets/pods. I don't really know anything about pro mix, but, the same theory would apply with regards to finding out when they REALLY NEED water. :-) You do want to keep a close eye on them though, you don't want to forget or leave town and come back to find dead peppers. ;-)

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I have green house and heating pads. I've used a combo of garden compost and seed starting soil. I am attempting to grow in 12wx12wx4d trays drained. I can't get the seeds to sprout for any of my peppers. I've heard that you should soak in hydrogen peroxide and warm water prior to planting as well as using polymer crystals. I live in Paso Robles which has pretty warm weather anyways.
What am I doing wrong?

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If you are not using a sterile mix, you need good air circulation. It discourages growth of fungus and blows away the gnats too. Try running a small fan on low nearby.

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Take a zip lock bag and a paper towel folded in two. Wash your hands.

Spread chile seeds on the towel

Put the paper towel in the zip lock and wet it....not sopping........wet. Zip up the bag and put it where it's 85F (measured). Wait.......

Some chile seeds need a month or longer to germinate. You can see and feel what's germinated.

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I got 50 seeds from Hatch and planted all 50 in a biodegradable seed tray starter kit I got at Home Depot. I have never grown chile's before so I asked the guy at home depot, what to do, and looked around online. I planted 20 seeds in Miracle Grow starter soil, dry (didn't wet the seeds.) I put 10 seeds in a bowl of water over night, and planted 5 of them in the miracle grow starter soil, and 5 in compost soil. I put the 20 remain seeds in a wet paper towel and then in a ziplock baggie for 2 days, and then planted 10 of those in compost soil, and 10 in the Miracle grow. The seed tray came with a clear plastic cover, I watered them when i planted the seeds, and covered them and kept them in a window in the day, and in a warm room at night (temps ranged from 68-100F I had my first seedling in 4 days, and by the seventh day I had 47 seedlings. The group that I had in the paper towels had the lowest success 8 of 10, but still quite high ratio. Do I keep the cover on the seed tray or remove it? I don't know what to do now. I planted all the seeds hoping to get a few to germinate. I've been scouring the posts to learn as much as I can. This is what I did to germinate, if this helps anyone, I'm glad I could give back to the forum.


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Remove the seed tray after they germinate... The cover is basically to help keep a moist greenhouse environment to speed that process along.

Keeping them covered on a sunny day will raise the temps to high and kill them.

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leaving the cover on will cause the plants to die from damping off. You must remove the cover asap they germinate to allow the plant to dry out to kill off the damping off.

I now do not even use the cover. I watch closely each cell to keep it moist but not wet.

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