How to germinate a standard supermarket coconut

rhizophora(8)August 5, 2007

After i month, one of my coconuts have germinated! :) Here are some pics:

(1) Find a coconut spherical in shape, with a soft germination pore and filled with 'milk', and soak it overnight in constantly lukewarm water (in a propagator or airing cupboard).

(2)Plant in a sandy soil mixture, preferably sterile and leave in a constantly warm place and keep the soil slightly moist.

(3)After a couple of weeks, check the coconut occasionally for any signs of germination. It should look like this:

Good luck!

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I thought they needed the outer shell to germinate.

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congrats rhizo
theyr'e fun to try to grow good luck !

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scaldude(Sunset Z23 SouthOC)

As I'm bowing....."we're not worthy, we're not worthy..."

Very cool; as a critique of "Prevailing Wisdom", I'm impressed when someone accomplishes what's said, "can't be done"! I'll have to give that a try.

Bravo, and good've just joined Andy on my list of idols...LOL

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That coconut had a tiny chip when I bought it. Yesterday, when I checked on it, the chip had turned into a massive crack and the 'button' was brown and soft! Too much heat maybe? Does this happen in coconuts with husk?
Back to the drawing board...

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scaldude(Sunset Z23 SouthOC)

....or rot from TOO much moisture....the fronds grow before the roots are established.

Hey, I'm still impressed that you got it to sprout.

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No...NO....No ! Sh........


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scaldude(Sunset Z23 SouthOC)

Ya'know topher, you WERE in consideration....

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were hmmm... It's official i suck at growing palms
Make a mental note lol

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many grocery store coconuts will not sprout now for some reason, or if they do, they soon die. I think that this is for a combination of reasons. First, I think something is being done to them either before they are shipped from overseas or once they arrive at U.S. ports. I have heard rumores that they are being radiated or gassed to prevent pest infestations here. Second, I think that they are being handled and thrown around much more roughly by the shipping crews than they used to be. (There really is almost NO quality work done by any nowadays!) This rough handling could cause hairline cracks in the nut that you can't see when you buy them. And third, for some STUPID reason, the produce importers and grocers are refrigerating them now, which they did not do in the past. As anyone with any sense knows, this destroys the freshness of tropical fruits (put a banana in the refrigerator and watch it turn black!) and for those of us who want to grown tropical fruits, prolonged exposure to cold temperatures near 40 degrees or below, can kill the seed.

If you do decide to try to grow a grocery store coconut, try to find a large one with the husk first and foremost. The ones with the husk on them stand a much better chance of germinating than do the unhusked ones. Set it out in full sun in warm weather for a few weeks to make sure it browns up, then shake it to make sure it has plenty of milk and if it does, it is ready to plant.

If no coconuts in the husk are available, whatever you do NEVER buy an unhusked one that has been cut all the way around to make it easier to crack open. This will almost guarantee you that it will crack in a day or two after it is planted. Soaking them in a bucket of clean water for 3-5 days seems to help them germinate, and may prevent them from cracking. ONCE YOU PLANT IT, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DIG IT UP OR PULL THE DIRT AWAY FROM THE EYES TO SEE IF IT IS SPROUTING. IF IT IS SPROUTING, THE MORE THE TENDER SPROUT IS EXPOSED TO THE AIR THE MORE IT WILL BROWN AND DIE. ONCE IT IS PLANTED LEAVE IT ALONE, WATER IT EVERYDAY AND HOPE FOR THE BEST! GOOD LUCK!

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