Seedling root protruding from cell

JVjavaApril 20, 2011

I have a seeding tray with cells that your supposed to plant the entire cell into the pot when you transplant them into the 3cm individual pots. well the seedlings are looking good, but today I picked up one cell cartons (10 cells connected), and in just about all of my cells, the seedling root is growing through and protruding from the bottom of the cell. They all appear to have a "fuzzy" appearance on them. Do I need to worry that he root is coming out of the bottom of the cells? Should I go ahead and put them into the 3cm individual pots now? should I be worried about the fuzzy appearance, the seedlings seem to be rather healthy other than that.



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Pot 'em up! I've got seedlings that had the same look to them, I transplanted them and they're healthy and happy with true leaves forming. You don't want your seedlings to get root-bound.

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those fuzzy are roots.

sounds perfectly healthy to me. I always like all my plants that way. I like to wait for the roots to come out.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I started my seeds in connected cells as well and when I cut then apart, some of the seedlings were quite angry.

I think it also stalled the growth.

I threatened to pluck all who stayed mad, and a few calmed down.

However, next time, I'll separate the cells before sowing the more exotic peppers. I wish someone made trays for this...

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austinnhanasmom I'm glad you talk to your plants, I do the same and scold mine all the time! It's when they talk back is when I get concerned...

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Just a follow up. I forgot to say that the seedlings only had their first set of leaves, quite young. Anyway I separated them the cells, and put them in pots and they are doing well so far. I have been putting them outside for 3-4 hours at a time 2X a day, and they seem to be doing fine. Thanks for all the help.

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