Fresh Extreme Pods ?

ArmageddonApril 14, 2012

if anyone is working with any fresh pods of the following types and willing to part with them i would be willing to make a donation and cover shipping cost also will return the favor when its time for my harvest.

Brain Strain

Butch T


Yellow & red Scorp

7 pot Yellow

Moruga red & yellow

Aji lemon

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I wish I had some of those to offer, but I'm just getting started. I'm lucky that ottawapepper donated some seeds to me.I hope to grow the Aji Lemons next year. I've read that they have a great citrus flavor. Good luck with your search!

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yea ottwapepper has hooked me up with some seed along with couple others some have already broke soil just waiting on few the stranglers 1 thing with extremes and rares patience is a virtue hoping by end of the season to have good hand full of things to share out .

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I'll hopefully have Butch T and Douglah pods later in the season. They're just sprouts at the moment though.

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finally 1 of my butch T just broke soil but seed shell still stuck

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still searching for some fresh seeds got a new digital temp tester to make sure soil temps are perfect for germination

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