Late Summer Pics

gatrafficAugust 10, 2011

Some of these windmills are over 7' in just 5-7 years from small plants and no winter protections here in Marietta, GA.

Banana's have been in 2 years with the larger getting the end of the AC condensate hose for watering.

The needle palms do very poorly with very slow growth.

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Awesome, I wish I could do that. Have you ever tried any Sabals in the ground?

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Any other palms will die off in winter.

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Nice pics! I wish it wasnt late summer, but unfortunately, it is. I have heard reports of Sabal Palmettos doing very well in Atlanta, GA. Im sure a cold winter will knock them out, but they are pretty cheap anyway. And of course, Sabal minor, Sabal Birmingham, Sabal lousiana, and Sabal Brazoria are just a few Sabals that would do well by you. And Trachycarpus Nanital is a beautiful trachy too!
But your palms are doing great ! Those are extremely healthy and full! Some hate trachys, but they are beautiful IMO.


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Looking good. I love the way you have them throughout your yard!

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Not sure what zone your in, but I have an Tifton hardy sabal seedlings. From an hotel in Tifton Ga. these are cold hardy to zone 7b. Regardless the palms you have look awesome.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Hey gatraffic,
Looks like all your Trachy's are doing just fine.As Alex said there are several other palms that will live in our zone 8a.I have 2 green european fans,8 silver european fan palms doing great.I also have 4 Sabal minors and a Sabal birmingham thriving here.Trachycarpus fortuneis just are the best palm for our climate and soil conditions,according to the Southeastern Palm Society.

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Hi Randy:

I have way too many palms around my yard so I'm not planting anymore, just put the last 2 small ones in last fall and they have taken off. They were Home Depot leftovers. The Bananas do great but require constant moisture, also planted some grass plants last fall pampass and maiden grasses and they are doing great.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I've just got started good.My Bananas up by the road are all about 12ft tall this year.I've got to do something with some of them,there is about 30 of them now,they just keep multiplying.I give mine 19-19-19 fertilizer once a month in spring and summer,one pound per clump.The way I look at it one could never have to many palm trees.But I've got to many banana trees,LOL.Love the pictures,stop by again sometime when your out this way.

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Palms have really grown,they look great!

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