Observed sun and heat tolerance of pepper plants?

KudosFromUdoApril 20, 2012

I was kinda curious of your pepper plants heat tolerance, so I can figure out what peppers to plant for next year.

Here are my observations so far this year with what I have:

I put all my plants 6 weeks ago outside in full sun when they were between 4-8" tall. Temps finally started getting into the 90s this week and today it is supposed to reach 102F.

Doing fantastic:


Jalapeno Grande

Ghost(Craigs rough strain)

Chile de Arbol

Royal Black

Doing ok, but had to move in partial shade this week because they were starting to sunburn:

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

Bueno Caribe(Wejito)

Chichen Itzo(except for one that seems do be unnaffected by sun)

White Bullet Habanero

Did not like the sun at all and had to move in the shade 3 weeks ago:

Manzanos(red, orange, & yellow)

Almost all the peppers(de Arbol, Ghost, Orange Hab, Hot Peter, Pasilla, Poblano, White Bell, Orange Thai) on one side of the house survived the winter even though it got down to 27F, are bearing fruit and are still loaded with flowers. The only peppers on the other side of the house that survived was a miserable looking ghost pepper, my two Bolivian Rainbows and an unidentified giant 4+ foot, small fruited hot pepper plant that I didn't label

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u must be in phx.....do you have them in the ground or in pots the only ones i have shaded are the chiltepin everything else i have in full sun yesterday my red hot cherry had a little wilt but perked right up once it got cooler i have all the usual suspect thai hot, habanero, carribean red, jalapeno, anaheim, numex big jim, thai dragon, chile de arbol and seranos all in the ground in full sun most r well established though (over a year old) gotta love perrenial chile plants....

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I am in the Palm Springs area(slightly hotter than Phoenix). I have everything I grew from seedlings this year in 1 gallon grow bags. I plan on transplanting everything into the ground next week when its supposed to cool down a little bit. I already have a rowed area set aside for them but its under a big tree and only gets about 2 hours of full morning sun and 2 hours of afternoon full sun.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Manzano is a cooler strain, so it would make sense that it wouldn't like the intense sun.


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