Whats going on with my Sago

pcputAugust 10, 2014

My sago looks like a bald headed man, while my neighbors has a full head of hair. Is there something wrong with mine? If so what do I do about it? Thanks

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you have a female plant and it has made a cone. eventually it will tire of wasting the energy to do that, the cone will fall apart and a new head of leaves will appear... could take a year or two, though.

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Thanks so much for the info,Izrddr. Hope I didn't insult her by calling her a bald headed man!

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If there's any males around you might end up with seed.

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That sago looks very happy and healthy.

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tropicbreezent - How do you recognize a male? I've read the seeds are a problem. Toxic I think.

Islandbreeze - Thanks, I'm trying to learn to take care of it

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That is a HUGE cluster. It looks like it did get pollinated from some male that could have been up to a half mile away from you. In a couple more months, you can look through the cluster and see orange seeds being produced that are already larger than a half inch round. If it produces seeds, the cluster will fall apart around Christmas time and then flush new leaves around April or May. Or, even though I am not suggesting this since your plant is looking so healthy, you can remove the cluster one sporaphyll at a time and fertilize it well and it will still flush new leaves this fall.

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Thanks plantsman56! I'll let it be and see what happens. It's not the easiest thing to get in to. :)

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Make sure to give it some good fertilizer all the way into spring. A cluster full of seeds can use up to 60% of the starch content of the stem while feeding those seeds. Fertilizing it with a strong fertilizer will help the plant gain strength and gain back that starch content, which of course is the secret to cycads, since everything they do relates to this.

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