Rust on new DSP

LizzaNVAMay 3, 2012

Hi all,

My new Dwarf Singapore Pink arrived (a replacement for a graft that didn't take) and it has orange rust on the undersides of the leaves. I washed it down with a tiny bit of dish soap instead of using Neem which I use on my citrus trees. Is that a decent approach?



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animalcraker(So Cal, zone 9)

If you have rust it's best to just remove the affected leaves and throw them in the trash.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Liz,

I agree with Jen... I would also keep it away from your other plants and if you can give as much sunlight without scorching the tree, that will be helpful.

We have had some really high temps here lately, but i feel your tree will bounce back with the natural sunlight and by keeping it on a wet /dry cycle. Make sure you acclimate your tree into the full sunlight...

My trees have had the Orange Rust before. I used Earth-tone 3n1 Disease Control spray by Espoma Kills Mites. Mildew, Rust and Black Spot. Mine comes in a pink spray bottle. (Cloudy day only!!!) This usually happens to my trees in the fall if it does happen.

Your tree will be fine tho. : )

Glad to hear that you have your replacement!!

Take care,


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Thanks! But yikes! That's pretty much all the leaves. I cut the ones with the major rust off. Can I leave the leaves with just a couple of spots? I have it outside on my protected balcony where temps are usually 10 degrees higher than outside. Kinda rough when deciding what coat to wear...I usually end up choosing something too light.

Also, I only have one other plumie and that's the graft bottom of the one that didn't take. It's inside far away from the rusted one. Will the rust infect my figs and citruses? Plant space on my balcony is at a premium.

Also, I have copper I use on my figs. Will that work?

Laura, I'll be down in Yorktown in a few weeks for my cousin's vow renewal--they had to elope b/c her husband of 20 years had to deploy. You're lucky to live in such a beautiful area!


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