clear and yellow new growth on hot lemon pepper

tyle6April 24, 2013

I just gave all my babies a drink of some nutrients for the first time yesterday and today a lot of my plants are showing strange clear/yellow new growth. its exceptionally bad on the lemon peppers. Ive attached a photo as well. Thanks a ton! I have no idea what is causing this!

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any ideas? im thinking it might be a N toxicity or overwater maybe a combo of the both.

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Tyle6 what type of soil are you using? How old are the seedlings? Also the plant does not look bad at all. How often do you water?


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this batch is in a mixture of promix for containers, which is basically BX with water retention gel and a stronger starter charge of nutrients, the ones in the BX are seeming to be doing much better. Aside from the new growth on these being some what transparent they are in top shape. they are 5 weeks old, seem to be a really slow grower as compared to some other varieties I have. Super chilies for example are over twice the size and started a week later. I water approx. once a week with this soil due to that moisture gel really holding onto the water.
I will post more pics later of the rest of the plants for comparison.Thanks for the the response.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Your seedling reminds me my yellow ghost seedling. I had the same problem, I could not find exactly what happened to my seedling. I considered it would be soil related problems such as lack of nutrients in the soil. When the soil is too dry and the seedlings cannot get the needed nutrients for its growth.


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I have the same exact problem and cant figure out what to do. My Naga Viper plants have yellow in the SAME SPOTS as yours but maybe a little worse, have yours gotten cured yet?

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sjetski(6b NJ)

If that hot lemon is the Baccatum variety, and not a Chinense, then i would consider it normal for the new growth to have a yellow hue.

But even if it's not normal, i notice with Baccatums that the new growth greens up within a week.

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My aji habaneros have similar issues, only much worse, the upper leaves are fluorescent yellow. Aji habanero is a baccatum variety, and that is a very common occurrence for them apparently. They need a lot more nitrogen that my other peppers, i managed to get them to green up by loading them up with foliar feed, but after transplanting they went back to fluorescent yellow. I guess i'll try with foliar fert again.
Your peppers don't look that bad, new leaves are often lighter in color especially if the plant is going into a growth spurt (possible after a sudden influx of nutrients). If it gets worse i suggest giving it a bit more N and seeing how it reacts.

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