animal destroying lawn

mjmull4July 20, 2006

please help-we have a small animal we are assuming is either skunk, racoon or possum tearing up small bits of our backyard looking for grubs I am assuming. We have put down grubex in the spring and early summer since we had a problem with them last year. We back up to woods so all of the above mentioned animals have been seen in the vacinity. It looks like the little bugger takes his paws aand pulls back the grass somethimes rolling back a small 4 by 4 patch. We have put down this stuff for small critters with fox urine in it on the affected area but that is not distracting him. Is there any concoction we can put together that will not harm the lawn etc but we can mass spray to send him elsewhere. We feed many birds so I would not want to distract or harm them. Any info would be great, maybe it is another animal! JAN

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When you say that the animal is "rolling back a small 4 by 4 patch", do you mean that you have newly laid sod? If so, we had a similar problem with racoons a few years back shortly after we had some irrigation work done in the back yard. Every morning I'd get up and have to reposition the sod that had been rolled up the night before.

We first tried one of those ultrasonic critter chasers that we had laying around the house (from previous attempts to keep cats out of the sandbox). The racoons either did not hear in that frequency or simply ignored the high-pitched sounds; they would do their "grubbing" directly in front of the device, only about 2 feet away.

A friend of ours in the fix-it business suggested trying the type of temporary roll fencing often used near construction sites to protect trees and wetland areas, (the orange plastic stuff that looks similar to tailgate netting). His idea was to lay it flat over the sodded area.

I was dubious that it would work, but I gave it a try. Surprisingly, the raccoons were foiled and the sod was allowed to root in peace. I guess the raccoons didn't like the feeling of catching their toes in the mesh as they walked over it.

Another nice thing was that it was quite easy to roll up the fencing each morning and store it in a less visible area...


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

The above might be less expensive than my Scarecrow by Contech, but it works too. Another thought, I don't water perennial beds at night, but occasionally a shortage of faucets and water pressure will lead me to water lawn in evening. That's when I find racoons will do some digging. If I water lawn in the morning, they seem to leave it alone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scarecrow

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Since you are unsure if it's a skunk, raccoon, or possum tearing away at your lawn, my suggestion is to use a small animal repellent that signals danger to numerous small critters. There are effective, safe, 100% organic, natural repellents that keep numerous wildlife from inhabiting your property. Sprinkle the granular repellent or spray the liquid form to put an aromatic repellent barrier in place that signals danger to small animals such as skunks, raccoons, possums, etc. that are ravaging your property.

Here is a link that might be useful: Safe Home Products Inc. Homepage

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

barbara, linking to a personal business to sell products is not allowed on the Gardenweb.

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