I want this spindle bad need advice fast!

andyandy(6bMI)August 13, 2012

I just stopped in a local Lowes and saw three large spindles. I'm guessing 9 feet tall (and only $39.95). It would by far be the tallest palm I've ever had. They are all in imacualate condition. I could never fit one in my old house but I'm moving this weekend into a condo with a 20 foot ceiling in the living room. I have two bottle palms that I started from seed so I do have expereice with the family but I would appreciate any advice. The pots they are in are really small and I've got to believe they were dug out of the ground. Normally I would say we have enough summer left to re-pot and get some new root growth but we have really cooled down. they are calling for sunny highs in the LOW 70s by the weekend. I would not buy one until the weekend or early next week (I make my final move in the new place Saturday). I expect it will warm up again at least into the low 80s next week and hopefully we get another hot stretch. Any spindle palm owners out there I would love to hear some suggestions. In my new place the only way it would really get full sun in the winter is in a North facing window (which is not that bad, My coconut and bottles have been in a North facing window the past few winters and have done fine.



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Are you sure you want something else to worry about while moving? Personally, I find that they get big fast enough already if summered outdoors. Your description of its new lighting position is confusing. How is it going to be getting full sun, in a north-facing window, in the Winter, in Michigan?! I also don't understand why the concern about outdoor temps if it's going into a condo anyway. Is it going to be outside in new location? Also, the temps you describe are like San Diego in July anyway? :). Just confused about the situation and your concern.

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I would think that if the coconut and bottle are doing well in that environment that the spindle would as well.

The main purpose for my response is to offer my opinion that a 9 ft spindle at that price is definitely worth the try for sure.

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I meant an east facing window so it would get direct morning sun. In addition there are two windows in the ceiling. I won't really know where in the living room that sun will hit until I move in. As far as the size goes that's not really an issue given the height of the ceilings. They are pretty slow growers as far as I know. It would be out on the deck at first and in the summers. I have everything except for the appliances and furniture already moved so It would not be that big a deal. They had some of these in the spring and they were like $60.00.

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Andyandy, one definite word of warning regarding the Spindle. They will do fine and grow in indirect, bright light even florescent (situation in which I overwinter the Spindle). Big BUT coming....You want to put yours on the deck in the milder weather. Is there an area on the deck that is very shaded? Spindles and Bottles both can burn badly when they go from indoor light to any outdoor sun. Once they adapt to outdoor sun they are fine but they do burn worse than any other palm I have! Didn't mean to sound discouraging about your purchase of the Spinde. They are terrific palms, very tropical, robust and forgiving. Good luck in your new condo, and with your new palm, which I suspect you already bought. :). P.S., My biggest palms are my Queen Palms at about 10 feet.

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No big deal, I can put it in a spot where it may only get a couple of hours of early sun. They are indoors at the Lowes so they are not getting direct sun at the moment. it sounds like it will do fine in the Condo in the winter. I'll just buy a slighly larger pot to put in. it's just in one of those cheap plastic nursery pots now. I can re-pot in a bigger one next spring. i will give it a dose of systemic granuls. When you buy something like this you never know if there are dormant mites or scale in the soil. Ever since I bought my first two palms 8 years ago and they ended up infested with mites I have given all of my palms a dose in August and never had a problem again. I just cant pass on it. they are too big and in too good a shape and the price is right.

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Why don't you transplant now?

P.S., This isn't Alex.

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Andy, at that price they're worth the try. And Njoasis is correct about burning from outdoor sun after being indoors, but at that price, you could keep it indoors all year long worst case scenario.

Can I ask which Lowes you saw them at? I'd love to get one for myself at that price.

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I think it will do fine indoors. My Spindle spends the winter by a northfacing window with a skylight and gets very little (if any) direct sunlight, but does great). Make sure to be careful to not expose it to too much sun during the spring, but my spindle has never been damaged from spring sun.
They are my easiest indoor palm!

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Thanx everyone. They were at the Lowes in Ann Arbor (technically may be considered Ypsi) on Carpenter road. They had three left. I want to go get it now but it just wont fit in my car. I'll have my dad's van this weekend though. I imagine I will keep it in filtered sun during the summer. I've always put my bottles in direct sun in the spring and have never had any sunborm problem. it could be because all be it was morning sun they do get direct sun all winter long.

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Well i got it, it's about 8 feet tall, they had a taller one but it had two in one pot and I prefer the solitary look. it is in great shape. It's by far the largest palm I've had. i just hope we have a enough summer left to get some new root growth after I re-pot it this weekend.

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