high for the summer could be today or tomm.

andyandy(6bMI)August 30, 2010

94 is the hottest day here so far. That may go down today. It's not even 1:00 yet and it is 90. Tommorow is supposed to be even warmer.

Partly Cloudy



Feels Like: 92°

Past 24-hr:

Precip: 0 in

Snow: 0 in


From W at 2mph


 15-min Details






Dew Point:



30.28 in


10.0 mi

UV Index:

5 - Moderate

Sunrise Information:

Daylight Remaining: 7 hrs 27 min

Through 6pm: Mostly sunny with temperatures steady near 89F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.

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Hot on the East coast too but not the max (that was back in July when it went to 102 F.) Into 90's through Thursday then possible tropical storm/hurricane conditions on Saturday. Yes, it's been a HOT summer but not that humid--especially August. Just cleaned out the greenhouse/garage for possible placement of plants in event of hurricane. Believe me, I don't want to have to do this if at all possible--too much of the growing season remains and it's too hot in my 'greenhouse' for the plants right now (mostly I keep the date palmss, Washingtonias and citrus in there). I cannot do daily watering in there as I do currently outside. I wouldn't mind the rain from a hurricane but I hate the wind. We had a BAD nor'ester in March--(probably the worst wind I ever remember in my life here) with gusts to hurricane force and over for 24 hours! Right now, it's about 90 F., not a single cloud, dry, not a leaf is moving, and it's sooo quiet. Somethin' big is coming!

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Topped out at 93, we were headed into the mid-upper 90s but then the clouds rolled in. It's been very warm but the humidity is only 33%. Right now back to about 90. Hopefully the high preasure over the the land right now will hold the huricane at bay and push it up into the North Atlantic.

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From your mouth to... Peace out.

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What's your towns name Andy?

I have forgotten it many times already.

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It hit 101 degF yesterday in Tecumseh, Michigan.


We haven't had any real measurable rain in SE Oakland County since right after 4th of July.

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