State Fair

GeneTheNewGuySeptember 2, 2012

Anybody going to the State Fair? I will be especially viewing the gardening canned good section, which is just about my favorite. I also like the animals and of course it's fun to people watch.

This year I will be volunteering at the bee keepers booth, hope to see you all come by.

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I didn't know they had a gardening section! how big is it normally?

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I am planning to visit state fair in one of the weekend. Additional info on gardening show? -Chandra

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I will be with the knitting demonstration group, I think, it's Friday, the 14th that we knit.... in the building that has the craft displays. Now you got me going... I can't remember where I put that ticket....


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OH my, I think I may not have phrased that really well. I mean the section of home canning, in mason jars. That's usually from the home garden produce.

I hope it cools off a bit for state fair, I hate to see winter come on but I am looking forward to cooler weather and some much needed rain.

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I didn't know they had a home canning section either, both would be good to see. I may have to save my day to go for the 14th to wave to Moni.

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