It feels like New year's Eve.........

scottokla(7)September 3, 2011

The ball should drop here about midnight!

How crazy is it that the weather has been so extreme that I (we?) am actually giddy about this front.

I plan to take the kids out and cheer when the front arrives and moon (if wifey is not around) the hot air as it is pushed to the south to remain until next June.

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pblbh! I'm jealous-- the cold air isn't gonna get here that early.

I hope you have a -great- cooler air party! :-)

(rubbing hands with glee, contemplating cooler air)

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


So, did the ball drop around midnight?

It was late to arrive here, but it is here now.

Our temps were significantly cooler this morning---68 degrees on our front porch at 6 a.m. but the wind was only 3 mph. Now that the front is pushing through, our wind is blowing in the 20s and gusting in the upper 20s.

It probably will be a bad fire day with all this wind blowing, but it will be so much more pleasant to fight fires in 80 degree temps than in the 100s.

Merrybookwyrm, Hang on! If it isn't there yet, it is coming!


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The wind switched here during the night sometime a bit after midnight but the cool temps didn't arrive. Instead the cooler air got here throughout the morning and afternoon causing the temps to not go up much. It is 80 now but never got below 70 last night.

We'll see how accurate the forecast is, but last night we were seeing predictions of lows about 55 and highs in the 70s for the next few days. Amazing isn't it. We never saw any highs in the 80 back in May. It went straight from cool to hot, and other than one day below in the 80s in July we have not seen highs below 90 since June 2, and now we've skipped them again and gone back to the 70s.

I have a feeling the next two months will be really nice.

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