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daogirlMay 3, 2014

This heat has really sped up the "waking up" process for my plants, and it's looking like I will see a decent amount of blooms this summer!

The back wall - from L to R: Red Sparkle (still asleep), Guillot's Sunset, adenium #1, JJ Lemon Ice, adenium #2, Celadine, and Psycho. The 3 small plumies have their pots sunk, the large 2 are planted directly in-ground.

Branch on Guillot's Sunset. So, this branch sprouted off last winter's cold damage, which had sealed off the tip. It grew about 2 FEET last summer, and is now pushing an inflo:

Celadine inflo #1. There are at least 2 inflos that I can see, and I'm expecting at least another 2 from this plant based on previous growth. I left the little yellow leaf on because it has a lacewing egg on it (which you can kind of see! It's the tiny green dot):

Cancun Dreams This is another plumeria that recovered from cold damage -- in this case, being cut down almost to the ground -- by growing huge branches. I had to stake both of them because they were too green to support themselves.

Saigon Moon Never really went dormant this winter, and held on to its inflo, which is about to start blooming again - I think it'll have the first flowers of the bunch (granted, it kind of cheated, but I'm not complaining!):

Something with flowers! The hibiscus is about 12 feet tall now.

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Beautiful! Love your yard.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Makes me excited for summer!!

Gorgeous ....

Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds you, mmmmm!!! ;-)

Take care,


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you have some lovely trees....roxanne

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WOW! I love your raised beds, those are such a nice showcase for your plants!!! Your plants are looking great & you won't have long to wait for those blooms, can' wait to see pics!

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Thanks! Wish I could take credit for the raised beds, but they were there when we moved in. The plants love them, though - even our citrus trees are in that bed.

Here are some pix of Saigon Moon from last summer - glad I'll be seeing these again sooner rather than later!!

Saigon Moon opening in intense summer heat:

SM inflo (not quite so hot outside):

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

beautiful pic of Saigon Moon.

I know Bud really enjoys seeing his beauty bloom all over the US and the different coloration it displays depending on where it's grown.

Yours is gorgeous.. I'm hoping mine will bloom again this year.

Always a pleasure to see your trees!!!

Take care,


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plumejunkie(9a SF Bay Area)

Looking good Daogirl, before long you'll be able to post pics of this years blooms instead of last. Lol

Your biggest plant is nice and full. Looks good all around!


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I agree with the others Daogirl your yard is beautiful. Love the raised beds too. Hurry summer we need blooms

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Beautiful yard and Plumerias. Thanks for sharing.

All of my Hibiscus and Bougainvillea froze to ground level this last winter so it will be a while before I see blooms on them.

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Gorgeous! Everything looks very happy. Look forward to your bloom pics!

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Very nice, love your backyard. They look very healthy. Please post lots of pictures. Barb

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