Good news for people with Android phones!

miraje(7a)September 13, 2012

There's a great app called iMap Weather Radio that has only been available for iPhones for the longest time. It uses the GPS location in your phone to give you weather alerts and warnings based on your location (as long as you're close enough to a cell tower to get data), and it allows you to enter a number of other addresses so that you can get weather alerts for, say, your house or your relatives. I think it has some other nice features, too, like radar and such.

Anyway, they just released an Android version of it at a discounted price. If you're in an area that doesn't get very good NOAA weather radio coverage or if you spend a lot of time outside away from the tv/radio, I think this is a good app to have. You should be able to search for it in the App Market (I think it's called Google Play now?).

Here is a link that might be useful: iMap Weather Radio

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Have you tried accuweather?

If you did, I am just wondering what you thought about it?

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No I haven't tried it. Right now I just use Radarscope. It doesn't alert you when there's a warning, but it shows where the warnings are and allows you to view the text of them. I'm actually ending my phone's contract in a few months (we're switching to a pre-paid phone with fewer minutes and then getting an iPad for internet and data). Otherwise I would probably buy this.

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I bought the iMap Weather Radio the day this was originally posted. Found it on sale for $5 but now that I have it I would have paid more. It actually, in many ways, is far more advanced than I need. But the part that makes it dear to me is that my phone will now wake me up in the middle of the night regarding any weather situations I selected.

Thanks for the tip Heather!

I own a traditional weather radio, but I only turn it on when I already have an awareness of bad weather. It is not unusual for me to be unaware of bad weather until I read one of Dawn's postings, so this app really helps override the 'clueless' factor.

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