HELP!.....Spiders & yard looks like Halloween

piscesgirlJuly 25, 2006

We just purchased a home that has tons of spiders outside. Our bushes have spider webs all over them. I feel like our front flower beds are decorated for Halloween! It seems as soon as I take a broom and get rid of a spider web....a few days later there is another one in it's place.

Where do all of these spiders come from? Is there a way to make our yard less desirable for spiders? Do they typically live in a certain environment?

Is there something we can do to control them from coming back? Most of the bug sprays I have seen are for things like there a bug spray that would work on spiders to keep them from forming webs in our bushes?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

spiders are your friends.. they are predators of many problem insects.. i would hestitate to get rid of them ... they may be there because another problem pest is in high population ....

where are you .. was the house vacant? ....

take a deep breath .. i know you hate spiders... but dont create bigger problems ...

first step i recommend.. see if spiders are a problem for your new neighbors.. if not.. then you dont need to nuke the place ... they are there for a reason ..

what if they are keeping the blood sucking skeeters in check .. which would you rather have??.. i will take the spiders ...

this years spike in population, for whatever reason .. may not be there next year ...

and try to ID the spiders... i guess i am presuming you have plain old spideys.. and not dangerous ones..

good luck.. ken

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

If there is any way to take a good image or two and post it here, we can ID your spider for you. Unless you want to try your hand at a verbal description of the critter and her web.....some people aren't too good at that, lol!

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I haven't really seen any of the spiders. Just the webs. But where there are webs....there are spiders.

Our house was never vacant, but we live in a very wooded area, so I am sure we have all sorts of other insects and creatures.

I am not really afraid of having spiders. I am just sick and tired of pulling spider webs out of our bushes, windows, porch railing, etc.

So I take it there is nothing I can do....just the nature of the beast.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You might try going out with a flashlight to try to find one in the dark, when they are likely to be active.

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