White/Yellow Identification?

aslan89May 11, 2014

I know it's a long shot unless there is an expert to chime in but I could use some help in a possible identification.

I purchased this plumeria with a general label from Lowe's about 2 years ago. It was my first Plumeria purchase, it has fairly large flowers, 3-4 inches, white, with yellow center. I have tried researching all the yellow and white plumeria I can but some of them are so close it is very hard to tell and often times I see people use the same picture for a different one which just further confuses me haha.

I can eliminate some plants based on the amount of yellow on the petals and the flowering stems are all green as some yellow or whites tend to have pink shading on the stem or buds before they open.

The only way I can think of to describe the scent is if you have ever had a raspa, the sweet sugary smell, not peach or lemon, just very sweet smelling.

I have a couple pictures my parents sent to me as I am several hours away from that plumeria (which has branched nicely and grown leaps and bounds since it was placed in the ground, probably 10 feet tall now.)

Anyway, if you have any ideas let me know :) I would really love to get another one for myself without damaging the original.

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Oh and just to clarify, when I mentioned pink stems, I was talking about pictures of other plumerias not mine. The one we own has all green flowering stems, no pink on the buds.

I apologize for the the blurry pictures, I did not take them myself but you can see what I mean by the stem being all green.

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I would think that it is a Celadine which is a very common one. I have a lot of them and one thing that I like about them is after they bloom one year they seem to bloom every year. Barb

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Great suggestion, I know I looked that one up yesterday but looking at google images today I can't help but think that must be it.

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Hmmmm... it's very pretty. To me, it has an awful lot of white to be Celadine. Also, Celadine's leaves are very thick, waxy and shiny with a pronounced "second vein" along the edge. I am not sure I see that in your pics.

Finally, Celadines have a waxy citrus smell to most people.

Regardless, you have a beauty!


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I think Celadines have more yellow for sure. And I never knew about the double vein around the leaf edges, but I went out and looked at mine from a couple different sources and sure enough, they do!

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You can't beat the fragrance of Celadine! The original plumeria fragrance. At least to me.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

If your plant came from C-Star Nursery (the grower) it could be something else. C-Star does not carry Celadine but the variety they do distribute to Lowes looks awfully similar. Like others have mentioned, Celadine has the double outer vein encircling the leaf. The one from C-Star has a single vein and the flower is veryvlightly scented too.

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Darn, I was hoping I had it but maybe not then.

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I might just have to purchase one, let it bloom, and see if it is comparable to this one.

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It looks a lot like my Cozumel Yellow. This is a picture I took last night. It's large, about 4 inches, and very sweet smelling.

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Thank you for posting that, it does look very similar. Matching petal shape, similar size and yellow shading, very sweet smell. I'll look that one up.

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Here's a pic of the double margin on a celadine leaf so you will be able to rule it out or confim. Flowers change on conditions of where they are grown so it is very hard to ID them correctly. If you saw the same bloom growing in different parts of the country, even the state or the same town, it can look different. If you have swings in temps and humidity it can change on the same inflo. Whites are probably the hardest. You also have people who are told it's a name when it is not and then sell/give cuttings and pass that wrong info along with it. If it's grown from a seed it is not an exact copy of the parent but could be passed on with the name of the parent which is not correct either. Even well known nurseries make mistakes and sell named plants that are not correct, so you can see why it is very hard to be correct. The amount of yellow to white can change greatly on conditions of where it is grown. The smell can also change with conditions/time of day. We all don't smell the same either.
All that being said it's a "beauty", what ever it is. Peg

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