Has anyone heard of this palm?

andyandy(6bMI)August 9, 2011

I just found this online: Beccariophoenix Alfredii, apparently it has only been discovered in the past several years. A common name for it is "High Plateau Coconut Palm" it looks VERY much like a coconut but it is more cold hardy and not as large. I would love to get some seeds. If I can't find any I'll try again in the spring. I would suggest reading up on it. It looks like a great addition for people who like really tropical palms that have to stay potted and come in duting the winter.

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I think its only slightly more cold hardy than a coconut palm when it comes to freezes (coconut palms can handle down to the low 30s before death and Beccariophoenix can handle down to maybe the upper 20s before death, or at least severe damage. The big difference between this palm and coconut palms is that Beccariophoenix does not need tropical heat to survive and can do well in areas like Coastal California where Coconut palms find it nearly impossible to grow. Beccariophoenix is also much slower growing than coconut palms.

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Yes I love that palm! I've tried to find it here in coastal Southern California but no one seems to have them. Too bad because they have really nice aesthetics. If I ever manage to find one locally...oh man, I'll just pretend I'm under a coconut tree somewhere in the tropics.

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I saw some on ebay for $17.50 with about $7.00 in shipping. I assume they must be small. Alex is right they do better in less humid conditions which is why I think they would do well up here potted. It's very dry up here in the winter and the type of humidity we just had in July is very unusual. Typically if we get in the 90s it still falls in the 60s at night because it is a more dry heat. I'm guessing they would grow better up here indoors in winter as well. My coconuts come throgh the winter looking great but there is little to no noticeable growth.

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