Signs of fall in my garden...

mulberryknobSeptember 3, 2012

It doesn't feel like fall today, but the Red Spider Lilies are poking up after the little bit of rain we've had. I also saw 2 stems of wild violet oxalis with blooms on top. There's not a leaf showing under them, but there the blooms are. And in a flower bed one stem of autumn cyclamen is open. No leaves there either. The Sweet Autumn Clematis on the garden fence didn't take as big a hit from the black blister beetles this year and is loaded with buds. I gave it a good soaking to encourage them to open. The wild Goldenrod is also budding and will bloom shortly. Now if we could just get some more rain.

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I have signs of fall, too. Lots of crispy brown leaves fluttering about....oh wait, they were murdered by the sun.....

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Okievegan, we have quite a few of those too, and patches of dead grass.

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I have been seeing fall signs few ago and now it looks like spring! Our little pear trees are blooming!! and oak tree in the front yard covered with new leaves like we usually see in the early spring. Indeed leaves in all tree were completely died and I thought they may not survive, but they are doing good after we got tow good rain showers few weeks ago. I won't surprise if asparagus start shooting new new spears -Chandra

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Chandra, my asparagus patch was completely defoliated by the grasshoppers over the last month. Then with the last rain, as little as it was, some of the plants put up a few spears.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

In the pastures and alongside the rural roadways, we are starting to see blooms from the late summer and autumn wildflowers like the liatris, goldenrod and asters. I haven't seen any of the fall-blooming blue sage yet.

While some trees show drought stress, may others don't, and it seems like the trees in the sandy soils in Thackerville are suffering more than the trees in the clay soil where we live a few miles north of there. I have noticed this week that a lot of the trees down there in Thackerville have foliage that is yellowing and dropping, mostly the cottonwoods, sycamores and catalpas. Some oaks here in our area have some years browning and dropping, but otherwise, except for the redbud trees, which look like crap, most of the trees are hanging in there pretty well.

We have greened up well after receiving that good rainfall last week, so that's something at least.


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I was gonna say that the Redbuds look awful, having dropped most of their leaves here in the city.

Many hot weather and fall weather plants are blooming or about to bloom. I wish I had those bulbs of yours, Dorothy.

Salvias are looking very colorful; asters are budding, Passion vines are flowering and fruiting, Morning Glories are stunning, but some flowers are getting smaller as they tend to do in the fall for me. Golden Crownbeard flowering, and the Family Jewels milkweed is setting seedpods. I planted some Whirligig Zinnias later and they are just now beginning to show buds, so I'll have some fresh, new Zinnias to take the place of the tired and worn out ones. A Heavenly Blue MG is starting to show a bit of bloom that should get stronger as we get further into fall. Sedum is about to bloom, too.

I planted some late seed of Basil and it is doing nicely and really starting to grow. So maybe I'll get in a few Caprese salads with my tomatos and basil (and mozzarella cheese yet.

Butterflies and Dragonflies are putting on a show. Hummers still here, but should be leaving soon.

This year I had tons of true Bumblebees in the garden. Was really happy to see a resurgence of them this year.


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