Earwigs in corn, something eating sunflower seedlings

crazypotatosJuly 18, 2013

I have probably 15 corn plants in my backyard garden. They are just now actually starting to produce the corn (you can see the silks) and the tassle on top is all the way out. Well, Every time I go over to the silks, I see earwigs in the silks. I try to pick them out, but that doesn't really work long term. I tried spreading diatomaceous earth around the stalks, but that didn't work very well either. They ate all of the silk on one of the corn down to where there is barely any left. Trying to keep it organic, so I have no idea what to do with this stupid things. I tried the oil with soy sauce in a tuna can, but a skunk came by and ate all of the oil and knocked down my fence. So that didn't work very well (i wasn't able to see if the traps got any earwigs). What can I do about this?

Also I just put some sunflower seedlings in the ground (its super late, I know, I just found some seeds and decided to try my luck) and I came out this morning and probably 5 of them either had the leaves completely removed or the entire plant was gone. I have 30ish plants growing there. I googled and found that it might have been squirrels or rabbits. I saw that, this is funny, this person put out that laxative chocolate stuff for the squirrels or whatever to eat to deter them from coming back LOL

Any help would be appreciated. Trying to keep it organic.

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I can relate. This is why I stopped growing corn. Too much space for a plant that has so many problems in a small garden. Not worth it.

My advice for the other pests is to fence in your garden with quarter inch hardware cloth at the bottom. Check the other posts on fencing for critter control instructions. And get various sizes of havahart traps and snap traps.

Good luck!

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Earwigs have destroyed my sunflower seedlings, over and over again. Seriously, I planted them once a week for several weeks, and at night I would see swarms of earwigs on them. I tried a trap (made of stale beer). It didn't work.

I do have a couple of sunflower plants that are still alive, but they are SCARY LOOKING. I'll post photos if anyone's interested.

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