Aprox how many Habanero pepeppers per plant

amast13(11)April 22, 2009

Can I get some feedback on how many habaneros everyone is getting on the first run and your location? I am in Costa Rica and trying to figure out aprox how many peppers per plant I will get on each cycle.


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My first year growing them the Habs produced about 20 per plant but they were not properly fed (sickly green and spindly) and kept in small pots..plus I started them from seed in mid may so they got started late. I only got one harvest out of them before the frost killed them back in 2004..have not grown habs since until this year. Currently they each have about 30-40 flowers on them and 4 starting peppers, the plants are only the same size as my first attempt's were but they have yet to be moved outside and out of the small pots they are in.

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bdobs(8b or 9 SF Bay Area)

My brother grew a hab plant that had hot as all he!! oragne pods in an Earthbox a couple years ago. He must have gotten at least 50 peppers off that guy. Litterally enough to completely fill a gallon size ziplock

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Last year was my first year growing habaneros in MA. Most my plants had about 10-20 peppers on them but I had one that put out 40-50. I kept my plant through the winter and it has about 100 flowers on it and a few peppers already. I plan on putting it outside this weekend.

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I have planted Habaneros(orange colored) for the past three years in medium sun and I usually receive anywhere from 40 to 100 per plant. Years ago when I planted them in full sun, I could receive 200 plus from large plants. Maybe it is the good Iowa soil.


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buck fifty , buck seventy five from a good plant...

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

In your climate the plant should be a real producer. Definitely closer to 200 or more. And I'm not sure what you mean by cycle.....season? I haven't noticed mine cycle. They tend to have all stages of peppers constantly after the first peppers.

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chillilover(Zone 6b)

How many depends on many things. Type of habanero, pot size or in ground, soil, weather conditions, genes of the plant, disease or problems that may occur. So it's really hard to say in my opinion.

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