Keeled Treehoppers

jesse_2008(ZONE 10)April 13, 2011

My pepper plants have these black spiny critters on them I've searched on the web and found out that they were called keeled treehopers. They have caused mega damage to my peppers, is there any remedy that i can use to take care of this infestation. Any suggestions would be of great help. I'll post some pictures if those guys are photogenic. Let me give it a try. Thanks


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jesse_2008(ZONE 10)

Here are those creepy crawlers. Has any one ever had a problem with these guys or seen them. They caused major damage to my peppers and I don't know how to get rid of them, Don't know if they laid eggs in the soil. I'm growing in containers. Thats why I'm thinking of just pulling the plant out and starting over, PLEASE HELP ME HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

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Omg! I'd be running the other way!! They are so freaky looking. Sry, I know nothing about these.

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Not had to deal with them. here's a discussion on another forum

Here is a link that might be useful: treehoppers

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esox07 (4b)

I am pretty new to growing peppers from seed but I have done a lot of reading and research and this is the first time I ever thought I would need to add a shotgun to my growing accessories.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

They insert their eggs into the stems of the plants they infest.

Try direct hits of insecticidal soap, diluted according to label directions. Repeat as needed.

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esox07 (4b)

And if that doesn't work. Both barrels with bird shot might be the best bet.

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