Does anyone have a groundhog repellant recipe?

donnaroeJuly 12, 2014

We have large green tomatoes that they are eating like candy. The shoots of my pickles that are coming out of an enclosed area are getting eaten off. Is there a home made recipe that anyone knows works? I have a home made spray recipe for deer which contains eggs, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, etc that works pretty well for deer. But last year it did not seem to help the groundhog problem. Everyone here knows the work that goes into tending and making a garden. It all goes to waste when these greedy animals come to dine. I love nature, but this is too much!

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You will find a lot of items being sold as very good repellants but aside from being expensive they do not work for long as good as saucers of Ammonia placed around your garden.

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Iron or steel mesh placed in a continuous ring around the garden.

Not much deters them except a barrier they can't climb or dig under.

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coyote urine from your neighborhood hunting supplier

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Why not just resort to poison. I hate to see animals suffer, but I hate more my groceries getting munched up by little rodents playing hide and go steal with my veggies.

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I would trap them before they multiply all over the place. Live or kill traps...i would trap them.


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A large havahart trap followed by a .410 shotgun or a 30 gallon garbage can full of water or nearby river.

Nothing else works. Believe me, I've tried.

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If using predator urine actually did work you would not find these buggers wandering around where the predators are, but they do wander around and do not appear to pay much attention to that stuff.
Live trapping sounds like it might be a good idea, but then what do you do with the animal you have trapped. Many states have laws that prohibit unlicensed people from relocating living wildlife.
Many places also have laws that prohibit the discharge of firearms, so many people do not have that option, either.
Poisons may target other animals, not just those you want to target. Many states today ban those poisons.

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