Something is eating my aloe vera plant. Help!

clearwatergirlJuly 16, 2011

Hi all, I hope this is the right area to post this question. If not, please tell me where I should. I have an aloe vera plant out on my 3rd floor balcony of my apartment I live in. It used to be so vibrant and healthy. I admit I'm not great about going out and checking on it but now I've got a problem.

There is something that is eating it. Also, I have noticed a lot of little droppings from some animal or insect. These both started at the same time although I didn't immediately put two and two together on that. Our maintenance guy looked at the droppings and said it's either from mice or one of the large cockroaches or wood roaches. Well, I haven't seen or heard any mice but did find one of those HUGE roaches in my apartment about 2 weeks ago and have no clue how it got in. The pellets look like black big pieces of rice. I tried to upload multiple pics on here but it would only let me load one so there is a link to my aloe vera pics so you can see the problem.

Also, I have a bag of potting soil on my balcony that I noticed has a hole eaten out of the bottom of the bag.

Since I didn't put both together I assumed it was a roach or roaches leaving the droppings as the droppings are concentrated in one corner of my balcony. Weird. But now after seeing what looks like actual teeth marks....I think....on the leaves now I'm thinking maybe mice. Either way, whatever it is, is chewing pieces out and leaving them and seems to be eating the underside of the plant leaves.

Any and all help and suggestions are very welcome as I want to try to stop my plant from dying and being eaten alive. :(

Here is a link that might be useful: My aloe vera plant problem

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Looks like the typical mouse sign from here.


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Yep, Dan you are right. I just flipped the light on out on my balcony and sure enough I saw a HUGE mouse or rat run across it. It ran into my storage unit that is connected to my balcony. I'm too freaked out to open that door and see what kind of damage it's done. Yikes! Not sure how to get rid of it/them but hoping maintenance can! Thanks so much as I was on the lookout for those big wood roaches and even put out boric acid. This would explain why I was still seeing the droppings.

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I hope maintenance just puts out the old fashioned snap traps and not poison. With poison, you can't always get to the dead animal after it eats it and crawls away.

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