How much growth for a Queen Palm?

theseventhlegendAugust 29, 2007

I'm border line zone 8B-9A, northern Florida. I have 3 Queens. The tallest fronds on the three range from 6 - 7 1/2 feet. I've heard Queens grow fast BUT, realistically how much growth can I expect per year? Obviouslly this is a peak time for growth but I haven't seen anything that amazing. They're all on 2-3 fronds for the year. I fetilized, they look great. Will my Queens add more fronds, girth, or what next?

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spockvr6(Zone 9/10)

Queens can be exceedingly fast palms. I have been amazed at the growth rate on mine. In summer they are mind boggling!

Ive posted these pics before I believe, but here they are again showing a Queen's growth rate. I planted this Queen in late 2004 as a 3/7 gallon palm.

For size reference, the Sabals on the side of the driveway have roughtly 15 ft of trunk each.

June 2005

August 2006

January 2007

August 2007

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Spock that is amazing growth! Did you do or use anything special for that Queen? Like fertilizer, water heavy, etc? My fronds look as big as your June 2005 pic but I do not have that much trunk. Also you benefit from a better zone but if I can get half that growth I'll be very happy.

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Way to go Spock!

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Queen palms are heavy feeders so fertilize them with general palm fertilizer at least 4 times a year. Also they need MANGANESE. Add that separately. Queen palms also prefer acid soils (not common in Florida) so an addition of "Rhododenron & Azaela" granular time release fertilizer three or four times a year is beneficial. Home Depot is a great source for all your fertilizer needs.

If you have mature Queen palms that have been neglected and have developed "frizzle top", heavy feeding and additional watering is required until new healthy grow starts. In severe cases don't hesitate to pour a slury of manganese and water (a quart) right into the top of the palm crown. I did this and it worked to revive two palms close to death.

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Beautiful queens spock !

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