day 49 and counting

andyandy(6bMI)August 20, 2010

Today is the 49th consecutive day with a high at least 80 Here are the averages for the past 48 days I do not know if this is a record but I know Chicago set a record last weekend at about 45 days

HIGH 86.2

LOW 67.80


the warmest week was the first 7 days of those 48. for that week the averages were


LOW 68.60

TEMP 79.30

Last week saw the quickest growth, it was not as "warm" but was much more humid and had rain. The first week (starting July 3rd) was very dry with no rain.

This is light years ahead of last year. Right now we are tracking to end the streak around next Wed ot Thurs when they are predicing highs around 78-79. Currently overcast, humid, and 84.

Here is a link that might be useful: current conditions Livonia MI

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SUNNY, HOT, and DRY...and the beat goes on... I am just waiting for a single, normal, summer thunderstorm. I see more of the same for September and October--sunny, warm and dry (according to extended forecasts). Normally, weather I'd be loving but enough of a good thing already. This is getting boring. (30 plus 90 degree days here and more to come.)

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We were closing in on something like 90 days(since May 22)where
the high was basically 80 or better but this finally ended a couple
days ago with heavy rain and a high around 70.

Very surprising to have had so much rain this year coupled with heat!

I think we have had our yearly rainfall or close to it since May 1.

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That is some cool down. I know it's been smoking there. Tommorow is the only day in our forecast that has any rain. It's supposed to be humid and 85. After that it reads something like this: (All sunny with no more than a 20% chance of rain 82 81 80 78 77 83 84. This time of year I love that. I have a few buddies spending next weekend here and it will be nice to be basically outside 36 hours in that kind of weather.

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Yea Andy
It's actually very surprising to have such a long streak of 80ish plus with the amount of rain we have had-some days
even with heavy rain it would stay in the upper 70s while it rained and the sun would come out for a few minutes
and we would pop 80-then more rain then back to the 90s=
truly a tropical summer.
"Cooler" weather coming-next week I can actually stand outside and look at my plants for a change-looking forward to it!

We are so lucky to have had the rain we have had,I think I watered 3 times this year and that's amazing considering the hot temps!

Already almost 5" of rain this month and 36-40" since May 1-
unbelievable growth this year!

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It looks like the streak ends today. Right now at 3:12 it is 71 with light rain. I do not know what it has topped out at today but I know it's not 80. The only thing that would get us there is the sun. It is supposed to be heaven starting tomorrow. Low 80s and high 70s for a week with very low humidity. I have a bunch of freinds spending next weekend here just hanging out and having a few pops so I hope they are right about that weather.

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