Cumari Peppers

pepperdaveApril 16, 2014

I growing this pepper an dont know much about it . How big does it get? Small yellow pod , small seed
Pepper Dave

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I grew a Cumari pepper last year. I believe that it got about a foot and a half tall and pretty bushy. As you can see it was very prolific. Great tasting peppers and pretty hot. the best can describe it would be a similar taste to Fatalii. They also had a great smell when cut open. Good luck with them.

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Thanks Tim looks like the same pepper I have 6 going

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The taste is exceptionally fruity and quite picante

Also called yellow bird

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Does anyone know where I can buy these plants? I've tried seeds and didn't have a lot of luck....

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sjetski(6b NJ)

tireddad, claims to have had them, but i think they have one the pseudo varieties since the pods look too big and are the wrong color. They are also sold out for the season. I did a quick google search and came up with nothing for live plants.

The seeds you planted, did they sprout? If not, then they may have needed a higher temp to get them going, 85F+. Some types are stubborn like that.


Here is a link that might be useful: aka Cross Country Nurseries

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