Mnpalms (overdue) mid Summer update

mnpalms(4b/5a)August 8, 2010

Been so busy, I've been meaning to post some pics for weeks... Most of these were taken in July and through up to a couple weeks ago.

Y. filamentosa in bloom

red yucca flowering all summer

y. thompsoniana showing surprisingly fast new growth

Some of my bananas. Unbelievable how many pups they have produced this year! I have probably 50 total pups...

Even this potted banana has 9 pups!

Trachy's trunk is over 14" diameter at the thickest point

Both in-ground trachies have grown quite fast this year putting on at least 3 or 4 new leaves each and have many spears which are still moving pretty fast.

Smaller trachy growing fast too. Trunk is already about 8" diameter and has increased in girth and height noticably the first half of the summer

Ok enough for now... I'll post more another day.

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Im glad you got the chance to post some pics! Everything looks like its doing very well and growing really fast!! My windmill palms are also putting out so much growth this year (one is up to leaf number 5!). Its out growing all my other palms, but i must admit that when young, these palms dont gain much height with their fronds. Thanks for sharing!!

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Everything is looking great Kory!

That Trachys has some serious creep in it's trunk-very cool!

I bet your Yucca absolutely goes ballistic next year!

Looking good!

To hot here to even look at the palms,etc for very long-

looks like a big cool-down coming 7-12 days out,looks like a nice break from the heat,
just hope we don't pay for it with strong storms!

Nice job!

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Hey mnpalms, your plants look good, nice job.

Our trachy has grown A LOT this summer that it makes me afraid - How will I wrap it this fall without killing myself?

Our bananas, too, our growing very, very fast.

Our Sabal Minor - It looks very healthy, but no discernible growth. And - Our yucca filamentosa has NEVER bloomed, I don't know why, maybe it doesn't love me or something.

How did/do you protect your big yucca over the winter? I've always lost mine.


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Thanks guys.

Jim- I'll have to check out Accuweather but the local news shows these 90s with 70s dewpoints for at least the next 5 days. It sure would be nice to be able to turn off the air at least once this summer...


I actually planted the big yucca this spring about 4/1. It came bare-root but it really seems to have taken off and gotten well established. I plan to cover it with the trachies, the whole planter will be covered and heated slightly. The y. thompsoniana should not need to be heated here though, just covered. I figure it can't hurt to heat it with the trachies though. It should be more than happy that way. My y. filamentosas do not get protected at all. Only the one in back (more sun) has flowered. The one in front is huge but has not yet flowered. And it seems I have a banana jungle forming. I'll try to take more musa pics soon.

By the way, I think the trachy planter looks best when the sun shines on it:

img src=>;

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I think this is the one that didn't appear correctly in the last post.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Looks well planned and they are doing well. Nice cats:)

Are there a lot of shade trees blocking the sun that you can trim. It looks like the y. thompsoniana is reaching for more sun.

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Looks great! I can't believe all the basjoo pups you have. Mine are just starting to pup, although they were 4 inch plants in spring. Now remember, don't cook the roots of the trachys this winter. :) How do you plan on protecting/heating them this winter?

Have you seen pics of my trachy? I'm amazed with its growth this year, it's on frond 7 of the season.

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I understand what you mean about the sun and the yucca. It is a tough situation in that spot though. That spot actually gets about 75% of the day's sun but it is broken up for a few hours mid-day. It's about perfect for the trachies I believe. That thompsoniana was tilted like that when I got it early this year. Strange thing though, the new growth seems to be reaching northward... (not south) I planted it with the tilt to the north in hopes that it would straighten/tilt back toward the south. The huge maple trees are getting more and more difficult to trim back in the spring. One of these years they will end up making me a ton of firewood when I finally decide to pull the trigger!


Many lessons learned last year... Poorly established (originally bare-root trachy) overheated and dried out, needle palm makes it through MN winter without any heat, over population of basjoos, etc. This year my protection method will be much less elaborate and will also allow me access inside during the winter so I can monitor them better. These things just don't need as much heat as they got last winter, though they do need some more water. On the bright side, the newer large trachy came 100% established with all its roots intact. The thing took to the ground and has grown well this summer (unlike the last one). The smaller trachy has been seasoned to cold weather over a couple spring/falls and is now about 4x the size it was when I got it. In a couple years it will be as big as the big one is now.

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Great looking yard, keep it up.

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