Thought I'd say hi

cowpeaSeptember 3, 2012

And Thank You! Have been doing some major lurking for the past garden season, and would not have enjoyed such a bountiful harvest (drought notwithstanding;-) if I hadn't been reading this forum daily!

Best wishes to all


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Hi Ronni!

I recently stopped lurking as well. This is a great place to learn everything i wanted to know (and some i didn't want to know) about gardening in oklahoma. Hopefully next year we can get some more rain and less days above 100.


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Howdy Friend! Welcome to the neighborhood!

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Hey, Ronni

Very nice to meet ya!

Just spotted cucumber beetles on mah new squash plants. Drat! Sure is hot out there, too. We reach 104 today.


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Hi Ronnie! Welcome to the forum.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Hi Ronni,

Welcome to the forum.

Our motto here ought to be "next year will be better", but don't let the weather these last two years discourage you. We do have lots of good years with better gardening weather here, just not lately. Just wait till next year.....


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Welcome Ronni!

Love your screen name! Cowpeas are wonderful!

Tahlequah, OK

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Thanks everyone for the kindly welcome!
Due to this group, I have planted my first ever fall garden! So don't worry Dawn...optimism is in no short supply here! (Isn't that the case with all gardeners :-).
Oh, George, must confess--I've truly never eaten a cow pea before! But that will soon change as i've planted a nice big bed of em. Any favorite recipes?
Try to keep cool folks!

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Hi, Ronni!

Welcome to the group...we have a good crop of "newbies", as well as some well as our elite group of experts!! All of us are here to have a good time growing, learning, joking, commiserating,'ll be glad you're here :~)

The Village

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Hey, Ronni, welcome and love your name, too! So long as everybody spells it get the idea, lol!

We all may holler a bit about the weather last year and this year, but we always have high hopes for the next year. Just wait until Dawn, Jay, Dorothy, George, and everyone starts putting down their plans for 2013 varieties and the discussions they get into. They could gather all this info and write a Summer Planning Guide for Oklahoma Gardeners!

Bring it on 2013!


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Hi Ronni, I like the name also. I have never met a Cowpea I didn't like.


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