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WichitaChiefApril 14, 2012

I'm new to posting here. I've lurked for a few months but finally signed up as I had the time. I've grown a garden off and on for about 30 years. Over the last 4-5 years I've devoted more time and space to peppers of various types. I've already grown up, growing up, my seedlings for this year.Looking ahead to next year I was just curious where does everyone prefer to buy their seeds from. From garden variety sweets to the superhots. I've used various vendors myself. I have read on here, one in particular I've used in the past, seems to have quality or accuracy issues. This year I switched it up a bit and branched out using new suppliers. Not being a regular here I don't want to come off as promoting one vs. another. If it's OK to list sources I'll do so. And if it's OK who do you use?

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Welcome, the more the active members the merrier ;-)

If you have had a valid issue with a vendor other members may be dealing with then by all means let us know what the issue was. Members will decide how they use the information.

See the link below for a recent post on vendors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recent post

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Welcome. Sure you can post good and bad experiences with various vendors. We welcome the comments good and bad. It helps everyone else out there to make their decisions on where to purchase their seeds.

I have only purchased seed from one vender online. It was pepper joe's. At first I was quite happy with the service, however, when I realized the seed he sent me was not what I ordered or what he said he had sent me, I changed my mind and would no longer recommend his services. Upon notifying him of the issue, he simply said "oh well, sometimes you get a cross or mislabeled seed".
I understand that but when I pay for seeds, I expect to get what is advertised. I never saw any disclaimers about getting mislabeled seeds. I would have at least expected him to offer to replace the seed but I didn't even get that. I would not have accepted anyway. I will simply refrain from doing business with him any longer and will continue to post negative comments about his services just as I had posted positive comments before I found out he sent me the wrong seed.

You will hear good and bad about nearly every vendor but some seem to consistently get good reviews. And I am sure others will give you their input on some of those.

One general word of advice. Be extremely careful of ordering off ebay.

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I have only had good results with the seeds I've purchased. Of course that's not counting some golden marconni seeds I got from Burpee which turned out to be obviously green bell peppers. I'm just looking to expand my knowledge of sources and have more options. This year I used Tomato Growers Supply, Refining Fire and Jung to fill my needs. Plus some Burpee that were on sale at Menards as I was "just looking" around. Sometimes my decision to use a vendor is I'm buying something else I need and making a mixed order like most of us do. All suppliers shipped quick and the only item I had a problem with was the orange blaze peppers TGS had backordered but shipped within a week.

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Try Beth at Peppermania, or the Pepper Gal in Florida. Both have great seeds. A newcomer, but serious chilegrower, is Old Barn Nursery. NMSU can't be beat either. Native Seeds Search is good too if you are looking for unusual Southwestern Varities. If you are in Wichita and looking for someone relatively local with fast shipping, check out the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Midwest Chileheads

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Awesome! Where in KS are you located?

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A better question would be 'are you still located in KS after last night's storms?' - both of you1 Hope you made it through ok.

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Yeah. Still here. No excitement Sat. night. The possibility of a twister was about 1-2 miles away. Luckily I had finished potting up 53 tomato seedlings by then and could monitor it.

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Still here in Topeka. We didn't get anything too close, but kept a watchful eye on things. You have to love Spring in Kansas. Always exciting!

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Glad to hear that! :-)

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