Bugs on my plants

BrandomanJuly 14, 2014

Hello All,
I signed up to this great site because I have heard this is where you go if you want to know.
I have two questions about two plants/shrubs.

My shrub (I've been told it is a Gardenia but I couldn't say either way) has these beetles eating it.see photo) I was wondering how to prevent this as they are eating my plant steadily. The most effective way would be best but I would prefer to stay away from any Monsanto products if I could.

My plant (A Gladiola) also has some nymphish looking bugs on it. As of yet they don't seem to be affecting the plant but as far as I know having bugs on your plant is not good.
Again any effective method of removing these bugs would be greatly welcome and the information provided would be much appreciated by my plants and myself.

I guess I can only submit one pic at a time so I will post the first pic here then remaining pics on subsequent posts.
Thanks in advance for the help.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

To my eyes, the plant doesn't really look gardenia-ish. Might be the image. But Ive identified your Japanese beetles and will suggest simply knocking them off in a container or soapy water or purchasing some commercial insecticidal soap to spray on them.

Follow the directions on the label and spray it directly on the beetles.

Can't suggest anything about the critter on the glads. Without a picture, no ID is possible.

I'd remove those strings from the plant.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


JUST REPLY TO THE FIRST post.. as often as you wish .. ...


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

that tree/shrub is too big for that pot..

the media is not proper for a tree or shrub ... too peaty.. wont drain properly ... or in the alternative.. will hold too much water ...

it looks telephone poled.. planted too deep ..

the media look bone dry ... which is not good for a recent transplant ...

and the staking is not really accomplishing anything ...

and it is in a plastic chair.. lol

all that said.. i see no bug damage .. in this one pic.. no need slandering monsanto.. if you personally feel you need to slaughter every bug that touches it ...

if you dont see significant damage.. consider taking no action at all ...

soooo ... once you get an ID... you could visit the tree or shrub forum .. and try to learn all about what you are trying to accomplish ....

and as to the glad.. if you only have a few.. put on a garden glove ... and squish them .... why any product at all ...??? .. and as for the beetles.. until they ate half the leaves off the tree.. i would just enjoy the bug show ... you do not have to react to every bug ...

i give you the list above.. because i think we have a future gardener ... who wants to learn ... so i listed all the variables i see that could become a problem ... i hope you take the time to learn all about it.. we gardeners.. are a dying breed ...


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