Frog infestation

pineyprincessJuly 17, 2012

Live in south Jersey, its hot and dry and had very mild winter. I am having a problem with hundreds of toads/frogs burrowing in my veggie/herb garden to the point that there is a 5x5 cavern under my plants thats 2 ft high filled with frogs. I use organic methods to control bugs because I assume thats why they are there but bugs are horrendous this year! I drove frogs out of veggie/herb garden by filling cavern with water then when frogs left caved and refilled dirt. Now the frogs are in my flowerbeds doing same thing and its killging my flowers..when I flooded flowerbeds they went back to garden..HELP! LOL LOL I don't want to hurt frogs but its getting ridiculous. I have had many critter plagues over the years but this is a first for me...

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

I use organic methods to control bugs

==>>> then why are you driving out the things that naturally eat the bugs????

i am sorry.. but in my world.. warped as it is..

i would enjoy the UNIQUE free show from mother nature.. and encourage the frog/toad habitat .. for the once in a lifetime show it is..

and worry about replanting the garden next year ...

crimminey.. go zen on this .. enjoy it ...

and get us some pix.. i GOTTA see this ... especially if you can scope out the cavern .. sounds like party central ....


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Piney, would it be possible for you to take a picture of your frogs...or are they toads? Perhaps an identity can help us come up with a solution. Too much (or many) of almost anything can be a bit alarming unless we know a little about what 's going on.

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The problem Ken is I depend on alot of the veggies and herb I get from my garden as a food source over winter. I also would not care about the flower beds but I am concerned that the flowerbeds surround my deck and caverns could undermine stability of deck...I also tried to take a picture but the lil buggers blend in and you cant see them in photo and they won't sit still in my hand and smile...LOL LOL...I looked on net and they are a variety of pine toad that burrows. I recently went to a restaurant with outside seating and noticed many holes and at dusk the toads came out of the holes like crazy..30 toads came out of one hole alone. Owner of restaurant is concerned as he is getting mini sink holes which I told him are probably from frogs...I am thinking about tilling another plot just for the frogs and if I can get them to move they will go there where they can not harm anything...

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

How about sharing this website? The only Pine Toads I found are in the tropics. Your options for toads just aren't that huge in your location, and I doubt very much that it is a type of frog.

It's time for you to let a member of your family hold one in their hand so that you can get a good picture...a close up. Then, email (or take) that picture to your local extension office for some advice.

Look up the American toad. It would be very typical to your area and are well known as burrowers.

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Frogs live in ponds, although they do sometimes come onto dry land for short periods of time. Toads are dry land dwellers, allthough they need fairly moist soils to exist.
Toads are good to have in the garden since they live on insects. Toads are an organic method of insect control, spraying poisons, acceptable to organic gardening or not, is not a good thing to do continuopusly since even the acceptable "organic" poisons are broad spectrum and kill off beneficial insects as well as the bad ones.
The presence of large numbers of toads in the garden indicates there are a lot of insects to provide a food source, and probably indicates the poisons you have been using are not effective.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Have you checked out the Eastern Spadefoot Toad to see if it's a match? It looks similar to a frog. They are known to be explosive breeders which may explain your large numbers.


Here is a link that might be useful: In spades

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