jimhardyAugust 13, 2013

This Claret cup bloomed spectacularly this spring
but is now bloated and has cracked from its own
over efficiency at storing water and an abundance
(at least for a cactus)of rain this spring/early summer..

Can you even see whats coming out of there?
Someone on this board sent me this-I believe
with a Protoamericana...I think this is Green Goblet(?)

I think this Agave deserves to be showed off-how about you?

Thanks for looking

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Jim- you have an awesome agave collection. I bet they'll be worth quite a bit of money really soon if they're not already. Great job. The next bed I do will definitely be a permanent desert bed. I like the idea of never having to water.

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If you don't quit putting those Gloriosa in every picture im going to drive up there and remove those myself, Just love those things!.. Like the Agave in that spot much better it really is a beauty.

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Thanks Ryan

I wish I made it bigger-they are way easier to take care of then palms.


There are definitely some that need to be removed...maybe even the large one in front of the bigger one but for sure there are
some nice sized side shoots.

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Any idea if there are any agave that don't need moisture protection in zone 6? I know there are a few hardy to zone 5 but they don't tolerate winter moisture.

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Whenever your ready to split them up just shoot me a PM and I'll get you the address and some money..I think m getting ready to move so everything will be in pots anyway it will fit right in. Would love to have one! Did you say that Agave you just planted was called Green Goblin?

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Your desert bed is looking awesome! Those agaves are beautiful and the Y. Gloriosa and cactus are looking very nice and robust!
Thanks for sharing

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Jim, thats definitely some form of A. salmiana. Those cacti are going crazy. Never seen them bust apart so quick.

islandbreeze, your best luck will be with A. Havardiana or A. Parryi var. Neomexicana.

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Looks great there's an excellent assortment of colors with the blue and green agaves and the variegated yucca.

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You would at least need a cover for any kind of Agave.

Thanks Chad

I think its Agave Salmiana Ferox.



It is fun to have a green one up there,I bet it will get huge fast out in the sun.

I have done some more pruning too,I will post some pics later.

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