And away they go!

woohoomanApril 17, 2014

Got a late start this year because I was contemplating nothing at all due to the drought, but here ya go. Superhots are still inside and going slowly as always, but got my Annuums in just a couple weeks later than normal.

The lineup---

4 Red Bell, 3 Big Jim Anaheim, 3 Poblano/Ancho, 2 Guajillo, 2 Chilhuacle Negro, 2 Jalapeno, 2 Chile De Arbol, 1 Piquin(store bought), 1 Cascabella.

The plot--

The rows---

Row 1 Cascabella, C. Negro, Guajillo, Poblano

Row 2 Jalapeno, C. Negro, Guajillo, Big Jim

Row 3 Jalapeno, Poblano, Poblano, Big Jim

Row 4 Bell, Bell, Bell, Big Jim

And a lone Bell

And a couple in containers Top-Chile De Arbol Bottomt-Piquin

Superhots will go in containers too

Here's a couple that I just had to show becuse it makes me ecstatic. Mother Nature working in MY favor...

Here's a Green Lacewing

And here's a Lacewing egg waiting to be hatched into a voracious larva that will attack a wide array of pests.

Here's to a very productive season of HEAT for all!


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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Awesome Kevin :-)

My superhots are containered too.

Nice potting soil. What kind?


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nice Kevin. What's that in the pot next to the lone bell?

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jutsFL(9b (Orlando))

I like the plot for them. Think I'll actually go out on some cages for mine next time around too, I've been using bamboo this year. It works fine and all, but we've had a few heavy rains/winds here lately that have beat down a few of my larger plants. I've had to add more stakes to keep up some of the heavier branches - and it looks like I'll just keep having to add more as it goes. Not really a problem, but with the full support you have I could've not had the hassle.

...really wish I had one for my tomatoes in the last storm! Damn thing was nearly 5ft tall, now it's beat down to around 3 or so. No use in trying to pick it up, it only cracks the stems - too heavy from fruit. Suppose I'll just let this one sprawl out and see what survives.

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Dave: Thanks. That's a modified version of the famed 5-1-1 mix. Modified part is turface replacing peat. And I use fast acting gypsum instead of lime because of our alkaline water out here. I get my Mg from epsom salts.

Pam: Thank you. Just a little Purple Alyssum to attract the good bugs. P.S. Wanted to grow more of the Negros, but the drought knocked down my allotted watering. :(

Juts: Thanks. Yeah. TOMATO cages aren't too great for tomatoes, but great for peppers. I'll use the larger ones on my indeterminates, but then build a support around the plants after they outgrow the cages. The large sturdy ones do ok on the smaller determinate varieties though, like Romas. I'm trying something different this year on my Celebrities(semi-determinate) -- I'm making circular cages out of 5 foot high hogwire.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

They are all looking great, Kevin. Nice deep green color, good development. The plot is well planted, too. Can't wait to see your superhots once they're ready.


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Thanks Josh! Yep. Bhuts are being slow like always.

Funny that you mention the DEEP green. I notice a lot of peeps superhots have a nice deep green color, but mine are always pale early on. Not overwatering. Ideas?


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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

My Fatali is darker green on top as well as my Scorpion right now Kevin.
I'd give em time. I think they'll green up. Pale looking halfway down.
I'm up against the foothills so our soil is very pebbly.
Great for drainage :-)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Here, a lot of folks have deep green peppers....but, man, on Facebook, a lot of growers posting pic after pic of yellowy weak peppers....and posting how "well" the plants are doing. I try to bite my tongue....


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Kevin - Great looking garden. Your plants look wonderful.

It will be a good month before we can even think about planting out our peppers here in MN. However, today a lot of my pepper plants will find there way from the indoor grow room to the greenhouse.

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Your plants and garden plot look great! Can't wait to see what you get.

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Thanks Sandy and Mswiggi! Will keep updating throughout. Hope to see YOUR pics in the coming months also.

Sandy, from your posts over the years, it sounds like you got the whole "growing peppers in cold climates" thing down pat.


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