powderpuffMay 5, 2012

I lots of Plumerias. I have 1 huge tree and a few small ones but most of these I got last spring and summer as rooted cuttings. Some of them bloomed last year, some this is the first time. Many of them are just leafing out and several others have developing spikes.

Here is a complete list of what I have:


1. Aztec Gold

2. Bali Whirl

3. Black Tiger

4. Black Purple

5. California Sally

6. Chocko Delight

7. Chompoo Paan

8. Christina

9. Cindy Schmidt

10. Compacta Peach

11. Cooktown Sunset-rotted 2/2012

12. Dazzler

13. Defel

14. Delightful

15. Divine

16. Duvauchelle

17. Elsie

18. Essie�s Fantasy

19. Fireblast

20. Gardenia

21. Gina or Gena

22. Gladys "k" Brandt

23. Gold Coast Peach

24. Golden Pagoda

25. Grove Farm

26. Guillot�s Sunset

27. Gulfstream

28. Heart of Gold

29. Hurricane

30. Inca Gold

31. Intense Rainbow

32. J-105

33. Jeannie Moragne

34. Hula Girl JL

35. Pink PansyJL

36. Kaukua Wilder

37. Kaneohe Sunburst

38. Key West Pink

39. Kimi

40. Kimo

41. Kona Sunset

42. Lava Flow

43. Lemon Drop-Thorntons

44. Lilac CLouds

45. Lurline

46. Lutea Aurea

47. Madame Poni

48. Magnum Opus

49. Makaha Sunn

50. Mango Blush

51. Mardis Gras

52. Mary Helen Eggenberger

53. Mary Moragne

54. Mele Pa Bauman

55. Miracle Pink

56. Mr. Ambassador

57. Muang Bedjapan

58. Muang Oncarek

59. Musk Rainbow

60. Nassau

61. Orange Sherbert

62. Orange Slendour

63. Penang Peach

64. Pink Lemonade

65. Pinwheel Rainbow

66. Plastic Pink

67. Plumeria Pudica

68. Polynesian Sunset

69. Purple Jade Dragon/Mangkonyak-Thai

70. Rimfire

71. Ryann Chelsey

72. Salmon Pink

73. San Germain

74. Sangria

75. Singapore white

76. Singapore Pink dwarf

77. Solar Flare

78. Star Ruby

79. Sunburst Glory

80. Texas Aggie

81. Thai Pinwheel

82. Thumbelina

83. Typhoon-Thai Plumeria

84. Vera Cruz Rose

85. Waimea

86. Wildfire

87. THAI SEEDLING 11"-A- all seedlings are 3 years old







94. Name Unknown- Large tree 15-18� high with spread 18-22�. White flowers with yellow center pale pink blush on back, fragrant.

95. 2 small plants with lost name tags. One 3 tip, one 2 tip.Until they bloom, I have no clue. Most likely they are either Celadine, intense rainbow, India, or Princess Victoria


Plumeria�s cuttings collected, name unknown:


2. white with yellow center- lemony fragrance-;

3. Magenta or light red with yellow center ; nice fragrance

4.Extremely fragrant large white, exquisite fragrance- like Gardenia;

5. Yellow, orange center rooted cutting-may be Aztec Gold

6. Hot pink, classic Plumeria fragrance;

7. yellow;

8.white with large orange center;

9. Orange; possibly Kauka Wilder seedling

10. pale pink, lots of blooms on each stalk, light, funky fragrance;

11.compact tree, vivid rainbow pinwheel

12.large yellow and white, very fragrant; large, reflexed petals

13.gorgeous true pink with the most amazing Gardenia fragrance, strongest fragrance of any

14. Pink, large , overlapping petals

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Aztec Gold, one of the first to bloom.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Impressive collection!!!

Beautiful pic of your Aztec Gold.

Thanks for sharing!!!


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Very nice! How much space do 100+ plumerias take up? LOL!

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Powderpuff, I think it might have been faster to list those you don't have, lol! That's quite a collection.

What's your favorite so far?

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Powderpuff, I have Hurricane, Jeannie Moragne, Kaneohe Sunburst, Magnum Opus, Mardi Gras, and Thortons Lemon Drops, and a cutting of Kimo. I have 18 other plumeria that I have purchased from Florida Colors on Carols recommendations. Maybe next spring we can trade? My favorite plumerias so far are Magnum Opus, and Hurricane. What are yours? Let me know how Black Tiger does in the heat, I took mine off the order list when I read that it did not do well in really hot areas. Barbra

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In June of 2012 we came to the Tampa Bay area where our family all lives on what was supposed to be a short visit. We ended up staying here for a couple of years. All of our kids and grandchildren are here and we are thinking about a permanent move. We are from here originally and will still keep one of our homes in the Keys so we can vacation there.

I left my huge trees of course and my fairly large Gulfstream, Aztec gold, Daisy WIlcox and Guillots Sunset as well as all of my Thai seedlings. I only got to see one seedling bloom so I may bring them up here since they are getting really big now and are planted way too close together. Plenty of relatives up here that want some of them. :)

In October I dug up all of my youngsters that were planted in the ground and brought them up here.

I kept them dry, put them in the garage when it got cold but still lost the following to either black tip or rot:

Bali Whirl
Black Purple
Chocco Delight
Compacta Peach
Cookstown Sunset
Essies Fantasy
Gladys K Grant
Gold Coast Peachy
Kaneohe Sunburst
Lilac Clouds
Mary Moragne
Mele Pa Bauman
Muang Oncarek
Orange Sherbert
Plastic Pink
Texas Aggie
Thai Orange Splendor

The rest so far are doing good and 80% are waking up and I have just re-potted them in Al's Gritty Mix. I have done all but about 20, Have to get more Turface tomorrow then will finish the rest. The ones already done have been dosed with Root Excelerator. Thank You LAURA and Al for all the advice on the Gritty Mix. WOW was that a job, getting the items, sifting, mixing, potting them..... I'm lucky my husband is even speaking to me. LOL. I hope it works or I will never hear the end of it.

The large 5 gallons from Jungle Jacks that were shipped in pots when I bought and none them never missed a beat and were the first to leaf out.

We will go back in a couple of months to feed the plants in our yard in the Keys and I'm going to get cuttings from my big Guillot's Sunset, Gulfstream and Aztec Gold, and hopefully root them up here.

Elucas101- they take up a lot of space but 75% of them were youngsters and in 1-3 gallon pots or planted in the ground.

Jandey- I haven't seen many of them bloom yet, many of them are only 2 year old rooted cuttings. I really love Guilllots Sunset and for scent Vera Cruz Rose. I like Sangria a lot and also Inca Gold because it blooms non stop and has huge rosettes of so many blooms.

honeybunny2- I am always glad to share or trade. Black Tiger rotted. It didn't have many roots when I got it and it was a tiny little thing not in the best of shape when I received it.

This year I am going to be much pickier about what I order. I would rather pay more for more roots and a larger size. Almost all of them are fine. Many that I lost were not that great when I received them. One of the disadvantages of ordering online.

I'm going to order again from Jungle Jacks. I was VERY satisfied with all that I got from him. They were healthy, big and had tons of roots.

**** edited to add Gardenia to the goner list

This post was edited by powderpuff on Fri, Apr 12, 13 at 11:14

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Powderpuff, how are you plants doing? I do not have any blooms. I have been spraying every week with pro-tek, foliage pro, and fish emulsion. Last week I used that high middle number fertilizer, still no blooms. I think its just too hot. The Raspberry Sundae that K picked up for me at the Clearlake PSA sale has grown about 8 inches in the past 6 weeks, so I know they are happy. What's so wonderful about this forum is the different zones. We get to see Plumeria blooms posted all year long. I hope to be posting pictures in October. I now have 45 named plumeria , 14 of them are on your list. Barbra

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wow..I must say... IMPRESSSIVE!!! Where are you? Interesting that you lost some that do so well for me in Ventura , Ca. roxanne

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Elucas- From my experience you need the following space:
one year olds need 7 sq inches or 6' x 6' (36 sq.ft.) for 100
three year olds need 2 sq.ft. or10' x 10' (100 sq.ft.)
five year olds need 4 sq.ft. or 20' x 20' (400 sq.ft.)
seven year olds need 9 sq. ft. or 30' x 30' (900 sq.ft.)
ten year olds need 36 sq.ft. or 60' x 60' (3600 sq.ft.)/100
My largest plant (psycho) occupies 15' x 14' or 210 sq.ft. 100 of these would take 21,000 sq.ft.
Most of these figures are pretty tightly packed and pruned. That is why I say how many VW bugs will fit on your property is about how many ten year old plants will fit. Scary!!!

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Oh my gosh, I need to buy more land! Barbra

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

How will I tell the hubby that his shed has to go? ;-)



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I'm nowhere near 100 but 21,000 sf sound great. its not quite half an acre. Florida Colors does all of their Plumeria work on 2.5 acres of their roughly six acre facility.

Laura, tell your husband its the shed or the boat house. he will make the right choice.

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