Are these peonies suffering from a virus? (4 Pics)

pkthomasJuly 28, 2010

I'm guessing that the peony in the first pic has a virus. What do you think? Does it need to be be removed and destroyed?

This summer I cheerfully cut blooms off this peony and moved right on to the next without disinfecting (I didn't know better). Are they all doomed?

The other pics so some of the other peony plants that I have with either twisted leaves or black-ish marks. Any advise much appreciated!

Most of these came from MIL's house before she had to move out, so I'm hoping they don't all need to be destroyed!



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Looks like peony leaf blotch to me. If it is, next year may be an entirely different story, if the weather is different. I have peonies here and there and some years they have it and some years they don't. Chemical control is not called for.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peony leaf blotch

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Thanks calliope. That makes perfect sense for the black-ish spots. Do you know if the yellow spots can be weather-related as well?

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