Looks like the cool down is here

andyandy(6bMI)August 6, 2012

I slept with my windows open last night for the first time in a long time last. A big time cool front came through yesterday and some areas fell to the mid 40s last night (56 at my house) I'm sure we'll get at leat one more run of 90s but the 10 day forecast does not call for any (in fact they're predicting a HIGH of 74 on Thursday). We did finally get some much needed rain Saturday night. it's very comfortable but I expect to see a pretty big slow down in growth. Hopefully it will be a hot late August and warm september. in addition I'm moving in 13 days and will be in a condo. I'll still be able to get the palms sun but it won't be from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM like I can now I will be able to get them a LOT more sun in the winter. I'll have much bigger windows and two sky lights. the living room has a 20 foot ceiling.

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Lows will get into the 60's tonight. Mostly mid 80's with building humidity. Very, very hard to dry out the air in August here. We still need rain but not officially in drought. Yesterday was 95 with a dew point near 80--no breeze. You sweat and fell like a pig as soon as you leave the house! Today was fine by comparison!

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Nothing forecast below 70 for the next 10 days. But nothing above 90 either, thankfully. I just wish we'd get rain. Everything went to northern Delaware and NJ yesterday or south to VB today.

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This is the driest it has been in a long time here, dew points in the low 60s currently with an outdoor temperature of 71F. It got to 92F yesterday, but it looks like today will be cooler since we will likely go into the upper 60s tonight.
I think that your palms will do even better in your condo then they are now since they will have a lot more winter sunlight!
Good luck!

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Yet another forecast for flood and severe watches and warnings for the area for late in the week. I lost track of how many of these "derechos" we have had. I don't mind the lack of severe weather as I have lots of containerizrd stuff outside, but the rainfall these events have been bringing is pathetic. Ground is still very dry despite the rare thundershower and we are not even in a state of drought. Yes, sure is nice that it's cooled down enough to actually leave the house.

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Good luck with your move Andy-sounds like you may have a high enough ceiling for Coconuts(-;

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