Need help identifying two palm trees

palmtreeguyAugust 25, 2010

I have two palm trees in my house I don't know the names of and would like to research.

And this one i'm pretty sure it's not a palm but this forum might know anyways.

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The first one looks like a silver date palm (Phoenix sylvestris) and the second one is some sort of yucca tree.

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Phoenix something and to the right of it a Yucca and a Wasshingtonia Robusta to the left. How long ago did yout move in? the Robusta is at most a year old.

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The first palm tree looks more like a Phoenix Dactylifera to me ( i have 6 dif. date palms in a good size and it just looks a little more like a dacty. to me.) the second is a Yucca Rostrata and i would say a Washingtonia Filiferia because your in Cali... just like the huge trunk pictured is a filiferia so i would guess that little one is also... very nice palms tho -Justin in Vb

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I agree with the Phoenix dactylifera and W filifera id, but the Yucca appears to have 'hairs' on the leaves which rostrata does not have... but I don't know what Yucca it is... just not rostrata. Phoenix sylvestris is pretty rare in California while dactyliferas are everywhere.

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Your "yucca" looks like a Dasylirion to me. Not sure which type though.

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